Windows xp is considered as one of the most reliable windows and is very simple operating systems. However, there are not many people who use the windows xp however; there are softwares which are run in windows xp only.  The installation of the windows xp is also very easy however; it also employs certain important steps.

If you are not aware of the right procedure for the installation of windows xp, then you can follow the following steps in order to install the window xp successfully on your computer.

How to install windows XP?

  • First of all it is important to ensure that your computer should meet all the necessary requirements for the installation of windows xp. Generally, the modern computer and laptops meet all such requirements however some old computers might have a problem with this aspect.
  • Now, insert the DVD of Windows XP in DVD ROM and restart the computer. After that select the booting option by pressing the demanded key shown on the screen for the booting option.
  • Now, press f6 if you are planning to install the windows with SCSI driver.
  • After this press “S”. This indicates that you still need more space for the installation of the window in your PC.
  • Now, press enter to start the setup.
  • Now, enter the product key when it is asked to enter.
  • Now, read the license agreement carefully and press f8. Pressing f8 indicates that you are fine license agreement.
  • In the next screen you will be presented with the number of partitions available in your computer to hard disk. If you have not done the partition, you can create at partition in this step according to your preferences.
  • After that select the location where you want to save the settings of the windows XP.
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