If you are lucky to own the much popular smartphone iPhone 5, then you surely must be tempted to jailbreak the device to customize the phone as well as enhance its usability. This metal body phone looks stunning and comes with a larger screen compared to its predecessor. The slightly curved surfaces of the Apple iPhone 5 also set it apart from the previous iPhones.

The screen size is of 4 inches. The iPhone 5 is also packed with a lot of hidden; interesting features which can be best realizes when the iOS 7 hits the market. One of these is taking pictures while video recording is on. This unique feature is only found in the iPhone 5 so far.

iPhone 5If you are worried about the safety of your phone once you jailbreak it, you do not have to worry much if you select the right procedure and follow all the mentioned instructions from a trusted website. Once you jailbreak your iPhone 5, you can access all paid apps found in the Apple App Store.

You can also explore various customization options for your sleek gadget. It is essential that you jailbreak the device in a proper way. The steps given below will guide you with the jailbreak procedure.

Step 1

First, you should download the required jailbreak program. You need to choose the correct version of the jailbreak program. This will depend on the operating system of your laptop or computer.

Step 2

You should close iTunes app prior to starting any alteration process. If you keep iTunes open, it can interfere in the modification process.

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Step 3

Navigate to the directory where you have moved the downloaded program file. Using your computer’s administrative settings, launch the installer.

Step 4

Now you should plug one end of your USB cable to your handheld device while the other should be connected to the USB port of the computer. Once the new unit is detected by the computer, you can click the button to activate the jailbreak procedure.

Step 5

After clicking the button, the program initializes and you should wait till the process is completed. This also reboots your phone so you should not press any button and wait for a message pop up to confirm your action. Once you get the message, tap the onscreen icon to start the modification procedure.

Step 6

Let the tool complete the modification process. Once the ‘Done’ message flashes and you see the EvasiOn Logo, you will also see the Cydia option, indication the process is complete.
When you intend to jailbreak your Apple iPhone 5, it is very important to select the best software for the task. Getting right software is crucial since this will help in producing efficient results and also does no harm to the device.

The jailbreak process of your Apple iPhone 5 can be described briefly as downloading the app, closing iTunes, connecting the phone to your computer, waiting for the gadget to be detected by the computer, wait for the initialization process to finish until you see the ‘Done’ message.

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