PancakesThe pancake is also called as hotcake or the flapjack which is thin, round cake flat and is basically prepared from the batter plus it is also cooked on the hot griddle (you can also use a frying pan).

In Britain this dish is also made without any type of raising agent, furthermore it is similar to the crepes. In the United States of America, the raising agent used is normally the baking powder.
However, it also must be noted that the pancake in America is very much similar to the Scotch pancake and drop scone. These pancakes can also be served with several toppings along with the fillings in which the, syrup, jam, fruit, chocolate chips and meat. Moreover, in America, these Pancakes are generally considered as one of the best options for breakfast.

Additionally, in many countries such as Britain, these pancakes are also associated with Shrove Tuesday. This is commonly also referred as the Pancake Day. O this day the perishable ingredients is supposed to be used while making this dish.


  • Three tablespoons of butter (preferred if melted)
  • One egg
  • One to one fourth cup of milk
  • One tablespoon of white sugar
  • One teaspoon of salt
  • Three and half teaspoons of baking powder
  • One and half cup of flour

Cooking time

  • Preparation time: Five minutes
  • Cook time: Fifteen minutes


  • First of all in the large bowl sift the sugar, flour, salt and baking powder. When you find that all these ingredients have been mixed up properly, then you can add some melted butter, egg and milk. Mix the whole solution until it becomes soft.
  • Put the oil on the griddle or you can also use a frying pan however keep it on a medium flame. In the next step you have to scoop or pour the batter in the pan or griddle, employing only one fourth cup of the pancake. Brown the cakes from the both sides.
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When you are done with this process, it means your pancake is ready to serve. However, it is also important to serve these pancakes warm. If there is time for serving then you can also keep these pancakes at a moderate temperature.


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