Play Minecraft

Play MinecraftMine craft is one of the most popular games in the people of all ages. However, this is one of the new games however; there are large numbers of people who are attached to this game. There are also many people who face many problems while playing this game. If you are also one of them, then here are some of the important tips which you can follow in order to in this game.


How to play minecraft?

  • Never go straightly don or straightly up

It is also a said that the shortest distance between the two points is obviously the straight line however, this rule does not apply in this game. Searching for the metals and following straight path can be very hazardous for you in this game. You can form the caves and avoid the taking the straight paths instead. It is one of the common mistakes which the beginners make in this game however it can be easily avoided.

  • Always keep the bucket of water with you

It is normally strange to hear that how a bucket of water can save you life in the game. However, in mine craft it is extremely useful during the mining. You can employ three iron ingots to make the bucket of ‘V’ shape. Placing the water can also save you from excessive heat and moreover, it is also useful for extinguishing the fire in the game.

  • Fortify base against the monster attacks

This might seem an easy task however, in the game it is one of the difficult tasks as the wandering creeper has the ability to destroy you easily. Make sure, that your house is also well lit inside as well as outside in order to prevent the monster attacks.

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These are some of the important points which you should keep in mind while playing the mine craft.

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