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Play SpadesThe spades is considered as one of the most popular games among the people nowadays. The main reason behind this is that the game offers the high level of entertainment plus you have to use some of the best strategies to win the game. However, you can lose the game if you are not aware of important strategies of the game. There are many people who are highly interested in this game however; they face a wide range of difficulties in this game. If you are also one of the, then here are some of the important points which should be kept in mind while playing this game.


How to play spades?

  • Considering the seat position

When you are bidding your hand in this game, considering the position of your seat is one of the major factors which will decide your grip in the game. In this aspect, it is very important that you should only take your bid after considering all the information you have.

  • Bidding Nils

Considering your position when the bid is nil is also very important aspect of this game. Moreover, it is also quite obvious that it is very easy for an individual to bid if he is holding the A, Q, and J OR Q of the spades. However, it becomes difficult for an individual to get through if you are having the mishmash of all these. Therefore, it is always advisable to bid on these in the beginning of the game itself.

  • Do not ever go for the bid cuts
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It is very important even if you are having the nil cards. However, if you are planning to trump you can bid 11th, 12th  or 13th bids. If you are bidding properly your spades without any bid cuts, then there are higher chances that you can win this game.



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