Your long awaited vacation is almost here. The following tips will help you prepare for your trip and ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Do you need a VISA?

Travel-without-passport-before-travelling-cheack-paasportThis will depend on your nationality, the length of your visit and the reason for your visit. Be sure to have the appropriate documentation for your final destination and any other countries you might be passing through to your final destination. You don’t want your vacation to end before you get into the country you want to visit!

Vaccinations / Medical Insurance

travel-without-us-passportDo you need vaccinations to go to your destination country? If so you will need to make sure you have the required vaccines done at least 6 to 8 weeks before your travel date. You should also think about getting medical/travel insurance so that you are covered in case of illness or an accident.

Pet Care

travel-without-us-passportDo you have a pet that will need care when you are on your vacation? You might need to contact a local kennel or hire a trustworthy house sitter while you are away. If you have a trusted friend or family member that lives close by, even better.

Get Cash or Travellers Checks

You should have some cash of the destination country on hand, that way to can avoid costly ATM foreign fees. It might be a good idea to scout out the ATM locations of your bank in your destination country. Also notify your credit card company of your travel plans so that they don’t lock your card when you need it most.

Top 10 Best Vacation Spots
Plan Your Outings

Plan-your-Outings-before-travelIf you are driving or using public transit at your vacation spot, it is a good idea to plan your outings even before you get there. If you have particular spots you want to visit, get a good feel for where you want to go and how to get there from your hotel. Google map is an excellent resource for doing this kind of advance scouting.

Check Local Weather

The local weather can greatly impact your vacation and what activities you can do. It is also helpful to know how to dress and what clothing you will need to bring with you. Keep an eye on the long-range weather forecast for your travel dates.

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