How to Prevent Cholera and Its Occurrence

Cholera is an infectious disease that spreads through contaminated water. This disease can be fatal, but to prevent this, you have to call on, Kent RO service number, and get a water purifier. This will reduce the risk of cholera in a huge way.

This disease is caused by a bacteria called, bacterium Vibrio cholera and it’s easy to treat as well. However, no matter the treatment, so many people die every year by the onset of this. The chances are more in children, and if not treated it can end up in death. This disease was prevalent in so many countries but in some, at least in the United States, it has been prevented by well-developed sanitary systems and purified water. Then again, this disease is still an issue in the developing countries, mainly because of the water, that is highly polluted. Vaccines are there to prevent the onset in recent days, and here, we have covered the matter for your convenience.

What is cholera?

If you are visiting Asia or Africa, it’s better to get a cholera vaccine, and you have to carry purified water with you always. You also need to keep hand-washing products with you. This caution is just because cholera is rife in these places. The first symptom of it is diarrhea, and you feel abnormal pain in the stomach area.

The Bacteria of cholera reside in salty and shallow water, and it can coat plants, stones, shells, eggs which act as a reservoir. The toxic strains from these bacteria produce a poison that is responsible for diarrhea in humans. You can call the kent helpline number, in this case, and get a water purifier.

The symptoms of Cholera

  • Abdominal pain and cramps, sometimes bloating can show up.
  • The patient will lose their appetite and will go through weight loss.
  • Thirst will be increased, just because water is going out by the watery stool.
  • In some cases, patients face fever.
  • Severe vomiting
  • leg cramps
  • A person with cholera can quickly lose fluids, up to 20 liters a day, so serious dehydration and shock can onset.
  • For the dehydration, a person becomes weak, and they feel dizziness with some changes in blood pressure.

There are also signs of dehydration, such as,

  • Having loose skin
  • You can get sunken eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • A chance for low blood pressure
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • You can have less sweating
  • Heartbeat gets fast
  • You can get rapid weight loss

Risk factors of cholera

Cholera causes in adults for so many reasons, and they are,

  • Infection by bacteria: This spreads from one person to another. This can happen, that you are in public or in a workplace, where one person is affected by the disease, and you might catch that by touch or by the air.
  • Food allergies: If you have allergy with some food or you are lactose intolerant, then if you have consumed the same, you can get cholera. The important part is, you will not understand you are lactose intolerant when you reach adulthood, but if there are any hormonal changes, like pregnancy, you will get the effect then.
  • Contaminated water: If you drink water from a source that is contaminated, then you will surely get cholera. The water can contain parasites and bacteria, so there might be chances of other water-borne diseases as well.

There are also other issues, such as,

  • The people who work in healthcare and treat individuals who have cholera
  • The relief workers who respond to cholera outbreaks
  • There is a threat for the people who are traveling in areas where cholera
  • The water supplies are contaminated with human waste and street food vendors.
  • People who have achlorydia, a condition that removes hydrochloric acid from the stomach
  • Blood type O people
  • If you have chronic medical conditions
  • those who have no access to ORT or other medical services


If the patient is diagnosed with cholera, then it has to be for severe watery diarrhea, vomiting, and rapid dehydration, especially if they have recently traveled to a place that has a recent history of this disease, or poor sanitation, or it can happen if they have recently consumed shellfish.

In this case, a stool sample will be sent to a laboratory for testing, but if cholera is suspected, the patient must begin treatment even before the results are produced.

Proper remedies for cholera

  1. Rehydration: You have to drink plenty of water throughout the day, and if your kid is infected then you have to make sure they drink a good amount of fluid. This is the best way to get a resolution from this disease. You must remember, that you must not consume hot or too cold drinks like caffeine, carbonated beverages and stay away from alcohol.

You have to wash your hands before eating something. Also, if you are traveling somewhere, you have to wash your hands properly there.

  • You have to eat peeled fruits
  • You need to avoid salads, raw fish, and uncooked vegetables.
  • Make sure that the food is thoroughly cooked.
  • Ensure the water is purified or not, and if you don’t get a purifier, you must boil it and drink.
  • You must avoid street food, which can carry cholera and other diseases.
  • Travelers must learn about cholera before visiting a country where this disease is prevalent.

You should seek medical attention immediately if you get symptoms such as leg cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea if you are residing in a community where the disease exists.

  1. The vaccine: There are currently three cholera vaccines recommended by the World Health Organization. You can take a shot of the same, and the disease will be at bay.
  2. Follow a diet: This is the time when you shouldn’t eat something that is rich with protein or carbohydrate. You have to start with mild food items, that are soft and boiled. You have to avoid greasy, spicy, foods with artificial sweeteners and fructose type.

When you see that you are feeling extreme thirst, you are having diarrhea at the time you are sleeping, you are losing weight significantly, you are getting severe abdominal pain, and if you get severe diarrhea. Then, it’s time to check with a doctor, because it can be cholera. He or she will diagnose you and will prescribe certain medication to get a resolution from it.


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