Quit-FacebookToday, the facebook is considered as one of the most visited websites in the world. The website has become as addictive for most of the individuals and people spend their maximum time on this website. The disadvantage of this is that people cannot focus on their daily work and it eats out the free time of an individual. If you are also fed up of this habit and are looking for the tips to quit the facebook, then here are some tips which can be quite helpful

Three important tips to quit Facebook

1. Record your activities on the facebook

First of all it is important to track your activities on the facebook. Next time when you open your account ask yourself what you did on the page. Mostly people only access the facebook to check the updates and pokes by the other people. Write down the activities on the page along with the time wasted on it. After that try to reduce the time you spend on the facebook gradually.

2. Follow the schedule of facebook

Make schedule for this task. Set a time to log in the website and for log out and follow the schedule very strictly. Generally, it is not easy for an individual who is completely addicted of the website; however it can be done after certain practice.

3. Try to focus on the activities which you have been neglecting for a long time

If you are the individual who spend ten hours in a week on the website, then try to find out and accomplish the pending tasks in that time. Make a list of such things and try to accomplish those things such as going to gym, clean your room, read a book or getting a girlfriend.

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These are some of the important points to be kept in mind for the quitting the facebook.

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