fake nailsUsing fake nails and painting them with various colors and also nails arts makes the nails look brilliant. The feeling of having pretty looking nails also brightens up the day. Using fake nails is easy. There are various kinds of adhesives which are used and thus fixing these fake nails on the original is longer an issue.

However there are problems which are faced while removing it. Sometimes it might happen that removing the nails becomes an issue. There are times where most use excessive gum or glue to stick those attractive looking fake nails but at the end they are able to remove it.

Removing fake nails at home

For those who have put glue and are not able to remove the fake nails can just dip their fingers in warm water and add little liquid soap or hand wash to remove it. However there are times when in spite of putting the nails into the warm water the fake nails are stubborn and do not want to come out. For them then it is advised that they can dip their fingers into pure aceton or nail remover to get rid of the fake nails. Dabbing on nail remover on to the side of the fake nails can also be great technique to get the fake nail for.

Salon helps for removing fake nails

For those who do not have time and energy or cannot bare the pain which these fake nail gives they must seek for professional help. There are various nail art booths and even beauty salon which provide help in getting rid of the fake nails. These salons used specialized techniques to remove the artificial nails. The method which they opt for does not hurt and does not damage the nails or the fingers in any way. One of the most common techniques which they use are covering it with aluminum foil and pouring pure aceton on them.

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In order to avoid such problems make sure it use limited amount of adhesive when pasting the fake nails.


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