Did you purchase a Bluetooth to set up with your iPhone? Sometimes some people got confused in connecting Bluetooth with iPhone, specifically the ‘new users’. Bluetooth is wireless device that has become very popular among the computer and mobile users. It provides limited connectivity to the users to sync between various devices.

Generally while driving car also surge for using Bluetooth is increased. All the phones have this feature in them including iPhone. iPhone comes with the capability of wirelessly connecting Bluetooth to other devices including stereotypes and other headphones. It also comes with a feature of third party headset connectivity, allowing to speak on your without holding iPhone near to your ear .However this do not come with automatic connectivity. You have to do by changing its setting. However here are the steps involved to make you understand How to Set Up Bluetooth on an iPhone.

Steps involved in setting up Bluetooth on iPhone

  • Firstly set your Bluetooth in discoverable mode. This option can vary with the type of your phone so you can go through the booklet of your phone also for enabling this.
  • Now tap settings on the iPhone
  • Select general from the settings
  • Tap Bluetooth
  • Tap the on/off switch to on in Bluetooth. Your phone will start searching discoverable Bluetooth devices
  • When the results appear tap the headset’s listing. The iPhone will recognize the device for you, in case it does not find the one then select the name of the device from the list and then select pair
  • In the user manual there is a four digit pass code for Bluetooth. You need this for connection.
  • In the last input the passkey and press connects for completing the pairing process.
How to Block Numbers & Unwanted Incoming Calls on Apple iPhone?

One thing to be remembered here is while connected to Bluetooth your iPhone will answer incoming calls from Bluetooth only. Put off the Bluetooth, when not in use is good as it consumes much battery of iphone.

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