How to Start Conversation

How to Start ConversationStarting conversation is considered as one of the tough parts of communication. Normally, it is not easy to talk much with a stranger or the individual about which you know very little.

There are a large number of people who face great difficulty in starting the conversation. If you are also one of them, then here are some important tips which you can follow to start the conversation.

How to start conversation?


Make the person feel that you care

You can easily turn the stranger into a friend if you are able to make him feel that you care about him and his opinion matters. However, if you just talk about yourself to hear your own voice, then the individual will easily get turned off. Instead of this make eye contact with the individual and also listen to him patiently.

Ask questions but without interrogation him

It is an obvious fact that a number of good conversations start with a question, however make sure that the person should not feel that he is being interviewed at the Police station. Do not keep asking questions without giving your feedback.

Be funny

Normally, it is observed that an individual feel more comfortable with an individual who is funny. Therefore, throw one or two jokes while conversation. This is also considered as the nice way to lighten the tensed people.

Ask open ended questions

The open ended questions are the question in which you cannot answer is yes or not, you have to elaborate it. The open end questions make the people to elaborate and this make conversation. Moreover, it is also important to know when your conversation is not working out. If the person is answering in yes or no only to the questions which need more than yes or no, then it is possible that the person might not b interested in talking to you.

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