You’ve downloaded some documents in PDF format from the Internet, you would translate from English into Italian, but you do not know how to do? Do not panic. There are many applications and, above all, several online services that allow you to translate PDF files to and from all major languages of the world.

You want me to present someone and explain to you how to use it? I will do it with great pleasure. Take a few minutes of free time and try now one of the solutions that are listed below. These are services, both free and paid, which allow you to translate the contents of PDF documents so fast without having to make boring copy-and-paste from Adobe Reader or other PDF readers.

The machine translation services, as well known, are not yet 100% reliable, but to increase the level of comprehension of a text in a foreign language, I would say that they’re fine. So Let’s ban the talk and act now seeing what the online translators able to “digest” seamlessly PDF documents.

Google Translate

pdf translator

Not everyone knows this, but the famous Google Translate also includes a tool that allows you to translate the content of PDF files directly, without tedious copy-and-paste. How does it work? I’ll explain.

All you need to do is simply connect to the main page of the service and click on the item Translate a document that you see in the lower left. Then click on the button Select File / Browse, select the document you want to translate, the languages set of departures and destination of Detect language and English. Click Translate (located at the top right) to view the contents of your PDF translated.

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If you do not want to translate your PDF in English but another language, you have to do is select one of the many languages available in the menu located on the top right (clicking on the button with the arrow) and you’re done.

There are strict limits to upload. However, it must be said that the translated documents lose all images and most of the text formatting. In case you want to save the PDF translated on your PC, use the function File> Save As on your browser to save it locally in the form of HTML. If you want to get a real PDF using a virtual printer PDF.

Microsoft Word

Must your PC have a copy of Office 2013 or Office 2016? Then I have good news for you. You can use the good old Word to translate the contents of your PDF documents using Bing Translator, the translation service online giant’s Redmond.

The steps you need to follow are quite simple. Start Word, open the PDF file you wish to translate and import within the program. Next, select the tab Revision from the toolbar in Word, presses the button Translate and select the voice Translate document from the menu that appears. Within seconds, you will get a page of Bing Translator with within the text of your document translated (miss images and formatting, as in other services previously analyzed together).

If you want, you can also select individual phrases or words inside the document. Just highlight them with the mouse, click on Translate Word and select the Translate selected text from the menu that appears. The tradition appears in the right sidebar of the program. To set the language of input and output, using pull-down menus From and To that appear in the sidebar.

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Apart from translation, there are various other problems that you face with pdf documents.

Free PDF Utilities is an excellent software with numerous functionalities.

Free PDF Utilities Team – A software development team that focus on developing professional but free PDF related software for business and office users. Its major product line includes free PDF Merger, free PDF Splitter, free PDF Watermark, free PDF Page Resizer, free Images to PDF and other PDF related Softwares.


To use it, link to its home page and select the appropriate feature you want to use.

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