iPhone 3GIf you own the feature-packed iPhone 3G, then you certainly must be tempted to unlock the phone for better customization options. If you are unsure about the unlocking procedure, you can follow the below steps for a safe unlock of your iPhone 3G.

  • Step 1

You have to first download and installed iTunes latest version. You can check with the Dev-Team blog website and make sure that the jail-breaking tools and its versions are compatible with the latest versions of the Apple iTunes.

  • Step 2

The tools for jailbreak are usually written for the updated version of Apple iOS. You can search online “Download iOS for iPhone 3G. The search engine will throw up a list of websites. You can easily obtain this file from Apple iOS Developer Program with the help of a trusted Apple app developer. Once you have downloaded the required file, you can save it on your desktop, making it easy to access.

  • Step 3

Now, you need to download Pwnage Tool. Ensure you are downloading its latest version. For this, you will require torrent software installed on your computer. Refer to the Dev-Team blog and hit the “Pwnage Tool Info” link on the page. Now follow all mentioned instructions. Once the file is downloaded, launch installation file and execute all prompts.

  • Step 4

Next step is to launch the downloaded the Pwnage Tool, choose 3G image and hit the next arrow. Now select the downloaded the .ipsw bundle file which you previously downloaded. The software will look for the file and once it has found it, it will ask you to make an .ipsw bundle which you will use for jail-breaking the device. Now follow all prompts flashing on screen which will put your phone in Device Firmware Recovery (DFU) mode.

  • Step 5
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Now start iTunes to finish the jailbreak procedure for your iPhone 3G.  iTunes will now detect the device as it is placed in ‘Recovery mode’. Hit OK to remove the pop up. Hold the Alt key or Option seen on the devices menu. The key will differ according to the OS platform, Windows or Apple OS X. Now click Restore. A pop up will flash on the screen asking you to select the .ipsw file which you want to restore from. Now choose the file which you had created using the Pwnage Tool. The file you select will have “Custom_Restore” in the end. Using the custom firmware you have created, iTunes will successfully restore your iPhone 3G. Once this procedure is completed, you can create data backup safely and start syncing the data using iTunes.

  • Step 6

Now launch Cydia application on the device and start searching for ultrasnOw. When found, install it on the phone. If it does not show in the search results, then hit the Manage icon seen on Cydia home screen. Now select Sources. Now click Edit and then click on Add. Type “” http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com” in the APT/Cydia URL bar and hit Add Source icon. This URL will be verified by Cydia. You can return to the main Cydia screen and continue with ultrasnOw installation procedure.

  • Step 7

Once ultrasnOw has completed the unlocking procedure, you can wait for the phone to reboot. Now, you can start using any network provider’s SIM card with your iPhone 3G.

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