iPod TouchThe Apple iPod Touch is the most popular and widely used MP3 player among users across the world. The iPod Touch is loaded with innovative features which makes it a hard to miss device. Especially, the 4th as well as the 5th generation iPod Touch now feature Retina Display which is also anti-shine and anti-glare.
The Retina Display feature has indeed revolutionized the Apple iPod Touch. You can easily use the device in bright sunlight without causing any harm to your eyes. The display of the iPod Touch is quite sharp and smooth and any regular user of the device cannot differentiate one pixel from the other on the iPod Touch screen. Apart from the sleek and futuristic display, the camera of the iPod Touch is also quite good. The front facing camera of this iPod matches the technicality of the iPhone 4 as well as the iPhone 5.
If you are lucky to own an iPod Touch, then you surely would like to unlock the iPod Touch to access various applications available in the Apple App Store. For this you need to jailbreak the iPod. Before this, you have to unlock it. Below is the unlocking procedure explained in a simple way.


Step 1

Before you start the process of unlocking your Apple iPod Touch, you should first sync the device with iTunes and create a backup of all files. This is to ensure you do not lose any data if the unlocking procedure goes wrong.

Step 2

Now, in the computer’s internet browser, enter “blackra1n” and hit the search icon. Go through the search results till you come across a link “BlackWeather.” Once you open this website, move to the bottom part of the web page and hit the logo of the particular operating system that you are using. This could be Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows.

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Step 3

Once you select your OS, the website will ask you to download a .dmg or .exe file. You should choose the right file depending on your computer’s operating system. Once done, you should connect the iPod Touch to your laptop or computer. Close iTunes if you have kept it open. Look for the program that you have just downloaded. This program will be labeled “blackra1n.”

Step 4

Open “blackra1n.” and hit the “Make it ra1n.” button. Soon, you can see a pop up message on the computer screen stating that the jailbreak was finished successfully. Also, you can see an animated man with iPhones on the screen of your iPod Touch. Once the animation disappears, your iPod touch returns to lock screen mode.

Step 5

On the lock screen of the iPod, you can see “blackra1n.” app. Now click on this app. Once the app opens, two apps will flash on your iPod screen which you can download- Rock and Cydia. Choose Rock app and it will be automatically installed on the device. Now search for this app in your iPod Touch and open it. Once the app opens, you can easily start searching and downloading themes and apps from the App Store.

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