Photo sharing on social networking sites have become very popular. With Instagram the concept of photo sharing has become all the more popular. Now there are more than 80 million people who used widely using Instagram. With Instagram photos can be edited with special effects and with various filters. This is them followed by sharing them with friends and followers.

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Business is order to get a reorganization have also started the same. In order to market their company most business are widely using Instagram. Uploading photos and sharing them will help increase in brand loyalty. This is types of social media which helps in profound marketing of the company. Here are some examples how Instagram can be used for brand marketing-

Geotagging is the latest update from Instagram

Instagram has not only allows people to share pictures but now with the Geotagging possibility companies and businesses can also tag locations with the pictures. If there is picture of a hotel that the user is uploading it can also geo tag to let people know the location of the hotel. Geo tagging on Instagram helps spreading of business.

Peeping inside

Instagram with the concept of photo sharing allows people to peep behind the story. In order to develop a relation on a personal level there is no better way than Instagram. Sharing photos with friends and followers they get an opportunity to look inside the company and business. Photos of staff and even new upcoming projects allow people to get interested about them.

Social Media Marketing


Like other social networking sites (Twitter, Pinterest) Instagram has also implemented hashtags. The hashtags allows people to relate the photos with the actually what business are trying to convey. For those who are advertising their hotels they can hashtag it as #tourism etc. For detailed version of Instagram check this

Instagram use therefore can give business as boost at an international level and also helps in getting in touch with their potential customers.


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