With the innovations in technology communication can developed greatly.  Previously a person had to wait for months and years to hear from friends and relatives but now with technological innovation connecting to people has become easier than expected. Skype is one of the innovations of the internet era. It is an instant messaging and video calling messenger. The messenger allows people to communicate through messages, voice, and video calls. Using Skype has become simpler with Skype facility being available on laptops and mobile phones.

Using Skype is very simple. There are just few steps which need to be followed in order to reach the world.

  • In order to use Skype the Skype software needs to be downloaded. For laptops and desktops downloads is necessary while for mobile they already have the Skype installed in it. The download can be done from various website on the internet. The download does not require any charges
  •  After downloading the user needs to sign in with a user id and a password. There are facilities to sign in through Facebook too.
  • After registering, there are options to put in pictures and logos according to the desires of the users.
  • This needs to be followed by sending friend request to various people who are already on Skype. For those who have registered through Facebook their contacts get easily synchronized.

Using Skype is free for phone and video calls. While for video conferences and to call on landlines user need to pay through Pay Pal or through credit cards. Skype is increasingly being used by business organizations. Along with calling facilities files transfers through Skype is also possible. Convenient to use and cost effective Skype has worked a lot to make the world a smaller place to live in.

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