Can you imagine now a world without Facebook?

Well, if you’re born before the second millennium (that’s the year 2000 for anyone who is reading this article at 3 am in the morning with an exhausted mind), then you most likely have some recollections of a time before the world’s most popular and populated social media site.

Now ask yourself if you can find a memory of managing a business, marketing and campaign promoting before the social media revolution and recall how that time was. Then again, if you were born before the year of 1985, then this shouldn’t be too difficult.

If you’ve read between the lines of the cryptic messages above, then you’ve most likely figured out that the social media revolution truly started around the year of 2005, a fitting 10 year gap from today and back then.
Now, other social networks existed before the birth of Facebook of course. Myspace is a leading example.

But the concept of going online daily and logging onto a huge social forum such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram wasn’t really the trendiest thing to do before Facebook really.


So today I’d like to discuss how social media and social networking in general changed and revolutionized the way businesses are handled, managed and marketed, and also how you can use this revolution to your advantage if you’re running a business.

How Social Media & Networks Revolutionized The Online World

It doesn’t really matter if we’re talking about businesses or just simple entertainment, the online world was a different place before the rise of the major social networks that we know of today.

Social Media Marketing

Before the revolution, the online world was a less populated place and a less connected one as the main reason for going online was usually to find information on something and entertain oneself. While this is largely the main reason for going on the Internet today as well, most of the time you just go online to connect with the world through social media and networks.

If you want to know the latest news from friends, groups and businesses you log onto Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin for example and just watch the news flood. If you want to watch endless hours of footage and video you go to YouTube. Or if you want to look at pictures and images you go to Instagram.

Point is, with social media and networks you have a much more connected online world and practical one as all the various networks provide various types of information and entertainment in a much more effective way than ever before. It’s never been easier to connect with a person halfway across the world, which also means that it’s never been easier to market your business, or harder for that matter because of the growing online competition, which brings us to the next part of this article.

How To Use This Revolution To Your Advantage

With social media, it’s never been easier and harder at the same time to market your business and grow it. How can this be?

Well, it’s never been easier since you have unlimited access to the entire world in a much more effective and connected way, so when used correctly, the benefits can be endless as well. But then again, it’s never been harder to market your business online and make it grow because of the increasing competition and saturated markets and industries through social media.

It’s a bit of both. That’s why you need to be specific, attractive and unique in your sales and marketing approach when using social media to your advantage. And how to actually use it to your advantage is a seemingly simple process. Here’s an over-simplified version of the process:-

3 Reasons why Google Hangout is Great for Business

1. You choose your niche, market or industry that suits your business structure.
2. You then create an attractive message and marketing campaign for said business.
3. And lastly you carefully broadcast and market this message and campaign across the social media world, in the selected niche, market or industry.

The point is that you need to find that specific section of the huge social media world where you know that your business might be able to thrive. That’s one of the harder parts of using the social media revolution to your advantage. The other hard part is getting people to click on your ads, links and sales attempts, but that’s a lesson for another day!

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