now_edit_photos_within_twitter_1355854075_1355854083_540x540Twitter like other social networking media has got more than 500 million users. Twitter is not only about witty comments; it can also be used for business branding. Twitter is a useful tool which helps business excel by bringing brands and audiences come closer. Twitter is one of the best platforms with which business owners can get their global brand position. Mentioned below are the simple guidelines on how to use twitter:

  • Whether it happens to be an online business or offline, having a twitter page is one of the best marketing trends of promoting a brand. Opening and account in Twitter and then following with uploading pictures of the brand and its logo is the best way to make people aware of the brand.
  • Twitter is the best place to make announcements. It is very easy to sign in on twitter and the work with this popular social networking media. All you would require to do is mention your mail id in the space provided, your user name and a suitable password (remember, password should be simple and easy to remember, preferably alpha-numeric).
  • Once you are the registered member, you can follow people or groups from your choice of field and subject. This way you can find out more about what is happening globally in your business/field. And if you wish to be well known, you could arrange for games and contests, giving out prizes to attract more people to your posts.
  • Twitter follows the strict rule of sending messages within 140 characters. These characters may also include special cases, hash tags, simple letters or even links for easy and smart way of sending your information.
How to Use Twitter Properly for Business and Website

There could be various modes of using twitter. However, as this popular social networker does not allow one to jabber endlessly, it is best to use it for posting the latest, most important and the most happening events that influence your life.

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