Write a BookHaving learned various things and to have traversed this much path of our lives, books have been a companion for almost all of us at several phases of our lifetime. Now what makes one book apart from others and more acknowledged is a mystery that requires to be revealed. Well, it’s pretty easy to analyse if you are given the proper dimensions.

Essentials in book writing

  • When you read a book, you don’t just open pages but you open other minds. Anyone and everyone who owns a tale to be told or some perceptions to be shared can write a book.
  • Firstly, get yourself a notebook (preferably the pen one) and make it spiral binding.
  • The ‘thinking owl’ always has to stay put under your hat. Exploration should be very much entertained by the moment cause that helps you coming up with new ideas in your head all the while.Meeting people, visiting places would assist you develop your characters and your scenarios in your book. Even if you happen to be fond of a certain character but that does not hold a chance of showing up in your book, make that a tertiary one which effects your primary character’s behaviour.
  • Create your outline and get started with writing.
  • Care has to be taken as you know a book unlike video doesn’t hold any audios or visuals. So, in the battle of describing the scenes, characters, their thoughts, words and actions, words happen to be your sole weapon. Even the minute sounds require to be described if you are on for a mystical book.
  • Don’t hesitate to edit mercilessly. If in the middle of your book, you discover that your story leads you to no aim, then the option of re-editing should not be neglected. Remember, nothing goes to waste as you may use your current deleted work in any further venture.
Few tips before you travel!


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