HTC OneIntroduction

HTC One comes with some of the best components and technologies that one would like to have in any smart phone. HTC One is the successor of HTC One X. A gorgeous look and hordes of features have made the smart phone buyer quite interested about it.


HTC One is beautifully designed and is made of aluminum. The screen is taller and it is a pleasure to hold it in hand.


The display is rectangular, flat and very thin. The LCD screen is of 4.7” with resolution of 1080 p and uses SoLux technology so that picture quality is improved and it has 468 pixels per inch.  HTC One offers an impressive display as compared to any other phone. The size of screen is small thus pixel count is denser than that of others.


HTC One comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, 32 GB internal storage and 2GB RAM and the features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and also offers 3G or 4G LTE connection, BoomSound front facing speakers, Ultrapixel camera etc.


HTC has UltraPixel camera that may not compete with the leaders of the industry e.g. Nokia Lumia’s recent addition 1020 but HTC camera can take good photos which looks good on full HD 1080 pixel display of HTC One screen. For better sensing, HTC One has many new features added to its camera and one of it is Zoe. With the help of this feature, 20 consecutive still photographs and a 3-second video get collected whenever the virtual shutter button is pressed by the user. Zoe can combine images an videos that are taken at the same time in the same location and special effects and music could be added to it.

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With the combination of stunning design, outstanding screen display and many key features, HTC One is one of the best smart phones that are there in the market.

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