All couples – or almost all couples – like to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a special way. Although love must be celebrated every day of the year, who does not like to be different and special? Well, that is what celebrate Valentine ‘s Day, spend the day next to your child in we’re both totally connected. And the best thing is, you do not need to spend money to make it special.

Five Ideas to Celebrate Valentine Without Spending Money

A Romantic Dinner

You might think that for a romantic dinner you have to spend money, but you can improvise a good dinner with the ingredients you have at home, Or you can go to your mother to give you a hand! But ideally, do not miss the candles and much love put on each plate. Dessert must also be special!

Valentine day ideas

De Picnic

Exit picnic can also be a wonderful idea that does not cost money and also can be the most romantic. Prepare a basket with a couple of snacks, some drink, a tablecloth to put it on the floor, some relaxing music … and you only have to choose a nice park to enjoy nature.

Valentine day ideas

A Walk along the Beach at Sunset

If you really want it to be special and you live in a coastal town, you can not leave out the opportunity to stroll along the beach to wait for the sunset and enjoy the play of light that is created in the sky. Take a towel to sit on the sand when you are tired and passion arises.

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Valentine day idea

A Massage Session

If your guy is back with labor pains a great idea is that you give a good massage to relax and enjoy all you want. Of course, the massage can have other parts somewhat spicier so that later you can enjoy both.

Valentine day ideas

A Home Spa

If you do not have money to go to a spa but would like to enjoy a bubble bath, you do not need bubbles or hot springs to make it special. Prepare the bath with foam, add background music, rose petals, essential oils into the water … and you and your partner enjoy a good bath hot water most romantic.

Valentine day ideas

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