Impact of Advertisement on Business

Advertising is as old as the hills—it’s only the way we advertise that has changed. So what’s it all about? Advertisement is all about informing customers about services, new products, special promotions, options that he has, appealing to them to buy. While traditionally, newspapers radio and magazines were the media that dominated the world of advertising, today, the electronic age has stormed its way into the business world.

With the advent of the Internet, mobile phones and social media, advertising has taken on a new avatar and has kept pace with changes in business practice. Multi-channel marketing has taken off in grand style and with more diversified marketing channels, greater has been the targeted audience.

Impact of Advertisement on Business

Today, marketing departments are in the throes of whirlwind transformations and are at the center of a ‘whale of opportunities’ begging to be exploited. Advertising may be old wine in a new bottle, but the tremendous impact it has on business has to be seen to be believed.

There’s never an idle moment with new companies, brands and products always in the market. Advertisements inform customers about all these new products, and this is done simply, easily and cost-effectively. Online advertising breaks geographical barriers and time zones, brings products and services to fingertips, making it easier to sell and buy.

Personal advertisement can also sent to email and cellular phones and as these can be tailored to suit individual requirements and sent to the right people at the right time, real-time, it maximizes efficiency and effectiveness. Intelligent ad placements using Google AdWords and Facebook has increased the outreach of advertisement. It has in a sense, leveled the playing field for small businesses, who in the past, couldn’t hope to match their larger counterparts.

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By advertising right and uniquely, businesses can define and establish brand identity, which increases consumer buying and also helps differentiate themselves from other businesses. Further, it reinforces the purchasing behaviors of customers of a particular brand and gives an impetus to creating new products that customers want. In fact, many firms try to make a greater impact by reaching out to customers on emotional and physical levels and also allow them to try out services and products before they buy. This helps customers get the feel of what they’re letting in themselves for.

The image of a company is what it stands for and ads help in establishing it. Regardless of whether it’s an old business or a new one, advertisements help in solidifying and cementing positive concepts and build a strong image in the mind of the consumer. So much so that the consumer begins to identify a certain product with a certain company.

The age-old adage –What see more sells more– is true any day and today we’re seeing it happen–the impact of advertising on business has been just phenomenal.



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