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In today’s technological world, everyone has a busy schedule. Within this busy schedule, they just forget about their selves, and do compromise with their health and fitness. We are very busy too and would have many problems regarding our health, mental disturbance, feeling of negativity, any disease, overweight, dull skin, weak muscles, stressful life etc. And we are tired now with medicines and treatment of doctors. Doctors have become a basic need of persons and we are fed up with this.

The only and effective solution of self-diagnosis is ‘YOGA’. Yoga is perfect package of solution for any type of problem. “YOGA” is an art which teaches us the way of living and to live stress and dieses free life.  Yoga was first mentioned in the oldest sacred texts, Rig Veda. Yoga is innovated in the India and this art is introduced at the international level on 21 June 2015 as ‘Yoga Day’ by the 15th Prime Minister Narendra Damodars Modi. Yoga has a lot of benefits and importance and in today’s time whole world agreed with this practice.

Yoga is not about to do exercise only. This is the package of the three words- Aasans (postures), Pranayams (regulation of breath), Dhyan (meditation). We have to do it for Physical health, spiritual harmony and inner peace of mind. Aasans helps us to strengthen our body and physical fitness. Pranayams helps us to have equilibrium between us and our spirit and we can feel our spirit and our inner beauty of soul. And dhyan (meditation) helps us to have peace of mind and to sharpen our memory. Yoga has many more benefits we will discuss about which helps human to improve their life style.

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Importance of yoga

  • Strengthens our body –

Everyone needs a healthy life and fit body. The best fashion statement is a fit and healthy body. Health is not about physical fitness only, mind strength and calmness is also necessary.  Yoga helps us in every manner like

  • Build muscles’
  • Strengthen our bones
  • Healthy mind
  • Strong immunity system
  • Control blood circulation-

For a fit and healthy life, blood circulation should be done in perfect manner. Today’s busy life is full of hassle have a negative impact on our heart and blood circulation. For a healthy mind and healthy heart, blood circulation is very necessary to be in continuous flow. Blood circulate from lungs to heart to body, back to the heart to body and body to out the lungs. This process takes 30 seconds to complete the entire cycle. Imbalance of blood circulation may be a reason for blocking of heart artery; this causes heart-attack and many other serious problems.

To overcome this major problem, an unbeatable solution is ‘yoga’.

  • Flexibility-

Yoga keeps us fit and our body become flexible. Active body enhances personality. Flexibility in body give us energy and a feeling of to do work more and with more dedication & concentration.

  • Control stress and depression-

In today’s time, everyone has tensions regarding work, office, studies, home, relations, their child’s studies, etc. any kind of tension.  A lot of tensions cause stress and slowly this stress leads depression. Yoga is a technique to overcome stress and it de-stress our mind and leads us far from depression.

  • Improve relationships-

Yoga helps a person to be strong emotionally and helps us to make our relationships with our parents, children, special one, boss, co-workers, relatives, friends and anyone. Meditation technique & deep breathing technique create relaxation and soundness in the mind and heart. A happy and peaceful mind helps us to be close with our dear ones.

  • Improve concentration power & intuition power-
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Daily habit to do yoga sharpens our mind and controls aggression. With the help of meditation technique our sixth sense can be active. Yoga enhances the concentration power and creates an intuitive power in us.

  • Solution of dieses-

Any type of dieses can be disappears like a magic. It controls cholesterol and improves cardiovascular performance and co-ordinate our body. Yoga is a full proof treatment of any kind of dieses like diabetes, sugar, constipation, thyroid, goitre, heart attack, high or low blood pressure, joint stiff, migraine, fat, high metabolism, bone cancer, blood cancer, arthritis, asthma, hormonal dieses, cold & cough, any type of allergies, eye dieses, etc.

  • Enhance beauty & smartness-

Beauty is the first priority of youngsters and they do many things to get free from beauty problems. But perhaps they don’t know about the benefits of yoga for beauty & smartness. Yoga regulates the blood circulation which results a shine, softness, fairness and glow in the skin naturally. It prevents skin problems like pimple, whiteheads, blackheads, dark circles; fine lines, mops, dullness, skin allergies etc. also solve hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, dull and rough hairs. And dark shiny black & long hairs can we get with to do yoga regularly.

  • Create Inner beauty-

Yoga gives us feeling of positivity and self-awareness & self discipline and spiritual feeling. It enhances our inner beauty and gives us an experience of divine. Meditation and breath technique helps us to meets with our soul and God and gives us an effective positive energy which builds a unique type of confidence in us.

  • Loss weight & increase height-
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Yoga is a best practice to lose weight. It helps a person to shape his/her   body and also it helps to increase the height. Fitness is the sign of a healthier and good attractive personality which can be obtain with the routine practice of yoga.

As there is always says in Hindi saying ‘pahla sukh nirogi kaya’. For a stress free life and healthy life everyone should include yoga in their daily practices. Yoga can make your life easier, healthier, and calmer and happier than ever. Yoga leads us towards our success and teaches us the art of living.

To learn the art of yoga we can join any yoga classes or any camp or Art of Yoga classes.

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