Woman working online on a laptop computer at home
Woman working online on a laptop computer at home


Learn how millions of Indian women are turning their talents into substantial incomes by freelancing on Fiverr.com.

Fiverr has taken the world by storm with its ingenious yet simple platform. The website allows freelancers to offer gigs to customers all around the world for only five dollars. Nowhere is Fiverr a more effective means of earning money than in India, especially for housewives with availability and unique skill sets.


For every order completed on Fiverr, freelancers receive $4 US which amounts to 255 Rs per gig. Although $4 is not a large sum of money in Western countries, 255 Rs is a nice amount of money in India. It gives Indian housewives an advantage over their competitors because they can offer more and better services with a promise of higher relative return.

As housewives practice their craft and complete more gigs, they become better at fulfilling their customers’ requests. Essentially, by offering a service on Fiverr, Indian homemakers can improve their skills while earning money for their efforts. Over time, Fiverr users who are successful receive high ratings and thus become more attractive to the buyers, which increases their earning potential.

Woman working online on a laptop computer at home
Woman working online on a laptop computer at home

In addition to the financial benefits, Fiverr is also a convenient, flexible resource for busy house-wives. Between caretaking and daily chores, ladies often don’t have enough time for a job outside of their home. With Fiverr, Indians can work from home, and set their work schedule so as to make the most of their time.

Indian homemakers are highly educated, intelligent people who devote themselves to nurturing their families. Their knowledge of Indian culture and the English language are often enough to make them sought after freelancers. No matter what your skill is, from writing to editing, web design to marketing, Fiverr offers Indians the opportunity to earn money from their talents.

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