iOS7The modern technology market is full of different mobiles, I phones, I pads. It is difficult to make a choice. But the masses are still discontented with the designs and operating systems of many of them.


Recently Apple Company has come out with its new iOS7 model to silence the chorus of discontent of designs. IOS7 has a new look and some unique features like automatic app updates, quick access controls, and air drop file-sharing system.


The iOS7 provides a 3D effect. The face looks transparent like glass with everything hidden in the deep design work.  Navigation bars also disappear when not in use. Animations and weather apps are marvelous.

Features of iOS7
  • The iOS7 has a completely different look from other models. It is easy to understand and can be used immediately because the basic functionality is the same.  Browsing is easy but along with it there is an extra tool for sharing through Air drop. The interface of the tab is smooth.
  • The new iOS 7 has a new feature that is the control center. This puts the most used setting on the front and center and can be seen from any screen.
  • There are three tabs on the notifications pull- down menu showing all the alerts, the calls and the messages missed.
  • The biggest change in the iOS7 is the browsing safari which is a unified search in the URL field. The browser is more flexible than the previous ones. Navigation bars disappear until they are needed. Browsing takes one back and front and on the left and right of a page.
  • The iOS7 comprises a new aspect of file sharing through Airdrop. It works by creating ad hoc local networks. With a hit on the share button all those around using iOS7 can be seen automatically.  The feature also makes the person invisible to nearby users of iOS7.
  • Another special feature of the iOS7 is the Camera and the Photo Apps.
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  • The simplicity of the iOS7 lies in offering the right things in the right place and promptly usable when needed. It brings order in the complexity of the system.
  • . There is clarity in the entire use of the whole system. There are no obstructions and decorations. Buttons and bars are left to minimal.
  • The utility value has increased by adding useful features. The new control system in theiOS7 is an example… It allows one swipe to the things wanted.
  • The technology used in the iOS7 does not come in the way. The product is designed so well that the technology is connected to the user. The experience of using this device is lively, perfect and natural in many ways.
IOS 7: Release date

Apple has announced the release date of iOS7 in a couple of months from now. There are chances of upgrading of the earlier versions of I phones also. A software developer can join the Apple Developer’s program to learn the method of downloading iOS7 from the net.


You can now have a look at various E commerce websites to know about the price of the brand new device about to be launched in the market. There can be some variations of price with regards to geographical boundaries.


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