Best platform for online jobs and work are here...Fiverr gives the opportunity and benefits to both buyers and sellers...
Best platform for online jobs and work are here…Fiverr gives the opportunity and benefits to both buyers and sellers..

No doubt you already know about Fiverr and its mechanism of operation. It’s basically an online enterprise where anyone could buy or sell anything for only $5. It all began with the idea of giving chance to people who have specific skills the platform of meeting potential clients, who on the other hand, do not have a big budget for some services they needed.

Before Fiverr came into the industry, it was dominated by major players where services were offered at very high prices. This leaves new business start-ups that don’t have the large budget needed hanging. Thanks to Fiverr, it’s all over now.

How It Can be the Best Online Job for Indians

Anybody from any country can join and offer services on Fiverr. The services can range from article writing to logo designing and just about anything else you can be able to offer to potential clients for $5. The most active countries are United States, Canada, UK, Pakistan and of course India!fiverr-payment-method

Fiverr has just become the best online job for many Indians and a lot of them have taken it as a full-time job.  Know why? Because the $5 when converted to Indian Rs. is about Rs. 320 and that’s a lot of money in India. Let’s take it, a person from the U.S and his counterpart in India is offering the same service such as logo designing on Fiverr. They both end up being paid $5 for each service provided.While the person in the U.S is earning only $5 which is a small amount in the States, the one in India is earning close to Rs. 320 for the same service. What this means is that Indians earn a lot of money very fast working on Fiverr. A lot of them having realized the potential Fiverr can give them are signing up every day with the online enterprise.

Why are Indians Selling Their Talents For $5 On


More so, Indians tend to deliver more for the same amount unlike people from other countries. Using same analogy above, for example, the Indian would be willing to write, let’s say, a 1000 word article for $5 while his counterpart would be offering a 500 word article for same amount. The reason is that the person from U.S needs to accumulate the $5 for it to amount to a meaningful sum unlike the Indian. This actually helps Indians working on Fiverr to outrank their competitors, that is, if they are really good with the service they offer.

Fiverr, no doubt is the best online job for Indians. This has certainly offered a lot of opportunities to so many of them. The good thing about joining and offering services on Fiverr is that you don’t need any certification to join, which most of the Indians don’t have anyway. If you have a skill that you are sure people are looking for, then go ahead and join up, you won’t regret it. And even if you don’t have, you can always learn a new skill and develop yourself along the way. In India, most of them have to learn new skills due to the potentials offered by Fiverr and they have not regretted it. So, Fiverr certainly, is the best online job for Indians.

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