For girls with brown eyes, there are so many choices when it comes to creating the makeup look perfect for eyes.

Determining your shade of brown

Since most of the colors of eye shadows work well with brown eyes, one of the most important steps when following of eye makeup tips for brown eyes is to determine what shade of brown you. If you have deep brown eyes that can pass for black, ideally you want to go for eye makeup colors in the middle range of dark colors. Medium brown eyes look good with just about any color, especially green while light brown eyes look good with colors like light yellow that highlight the golden reflections.

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Choosing the right color

Keep in mind that lighter colors to highlight and maximize the size of your eyes, while dark colors and minimize contour. Another of the most important makeup tips for brown eyes is combined with black eyeliner light eye shadow to highlight your eyes. For dark brown eyes, medium to dark eyeshadow shades will work well with your color. Plum, Gray and rich dark greens are all great choices for colors. Be sure to consider the lighter color spots in your eyes to select a suitable color eyeliner.

For medium brown eyes, try playing with purple, green eyeshadow and bronze. Because the medium brown goes well with any color, you can even apply multiple colors for a multi-dimensional look. For light brown eyes, make sure to examine the spots in your eyes. If you have gold spots in your iris, use pale yellow as a highlight. You want to be careful not control your shade of brown, thus limiting the darkest shadows that you use in the fold area.

Draw attention to your eyes, keep makeup others, such as the lips and cheeks, more neutral and apply lighter shades like pink and taupe to open your eyes and give them a more natural look. Eyeshadow shimmer will brighten your brown eyes and a smoky look with gray eyeshadow.

Creating a solid foundation

Before applying the color of your eyeshadow, it is important to remember that you must apply an eye makeup base to create a smooth surface for eye color to cling to them. This will help your eye makeup look last longer, and it will prevent your shadow from clumping around your eyes. You must select a base color of the eye that is close to your skin tone and spread throughout the eye area either with a brush of eye shadow or your fingers.

Apply the base gently, make sure that you get it all in the eyelid, in the fold and all the way up to the brow bone. Mix well with your skin

Application of Color

Follow these steps to apply your eye makeup: apply first lighter eye shadow from your lash to your forehead. Then apply eye shadow averages in your crease and blend upward. Shadow should be applied only to the other corner of your eyelid. Another important eye makeup tips for brown eyes is to apply shimmer eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes for a brightening effect.

A significant eye makeup tip is to start always lighter. It is much easier to color layer and apply more than it is to remove the excess eye shadow. Avoid applying deeper colors to your brow bone area, unless you are looking for an extra dramatic look. You can, however, apply more neutral colors to the brow bone for a lighter look of the day.

For a look at the simple daily, add color into your fold (halfway to your eyebrow_, and blend upward. You can also apply darker eye colors on the outer corner of your eyes in a horizontal plane

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Standing with eyeliner

For dark brown eyes, eyeliner colors that define and accentuate the eyes are brown and purple darker. For a more dramatic look that adds a little color, you can go for a solid gold or bronze eyeliner. For medium-sized eyes, purple and green liners can be lots of fun. If you want to amp up your look for the evening, experience with metallic eyeliner copper or bronze.

For lighter brown eyes, you should skip the black eyeliner and go for a dark brown instead. Keep in mind this rule of thumb: the lighter your eyes, the color of eyeliner. If you have very light eyes that are almost hazel, look for a liner that has tons of champagne with violet, bronze or brown liner. Another trick you can try is lining your upper eyelids with a dark coating then applying a light coating to your lower eyelids for a two-tone look.

Choose a color Popping

Have brown eyes is a major asset in the community makeup brown eyes. You have a wide range of flattering colors to use because brown is a mixture of all the primary colors. To make your eyes stand out, choose a color with some nerve.

Cobalt Blue is a bright color that can set the mood for a night on the town. You can apply over the entire eyelid and use it as an eyeliner under the eye, or you can apply it with black for a smokey eye drama. Sapphire Estee Lauder fire is bold and beautiful. It can be used alone as an eyeliner or mixed on both upper and lower lash lines for a touch of color.

Purple can enhance brown eyes with a few simple strokes of the brush. You can use something a vibrant purple plum. Choose your potion. MAC door a bright color called grape happens and pure satin feel after application.His magenta shades are easy to mix and can be worn day and night. Also, try adding a metallic purple to your collection for more power.

Go green and get lucky! Another color that is beautiful in all shades of green, brown eyes. Shimmering green and green to dark forests are perfect club look. A clear or neutral green can be worn anytime. Pair a bright green as MAC lucky with green cheeks and nude lips for a neutral daytime look that will attract the perfect amount of attention.

Do not be afraid to try bold colors! Just about any color, you   choose a stunning look with brown eyes. Choose a bright pink if you want a night out with the girls. Also, the superb shimmering like gold are flattering on brown eyes and certainly make a statement. Whatever color you choose, you are sure to draw some positive attention.

For a look that can be worn at work, at the grocery store or your favorite club, embrace the smokey eye.

The number one advice to remember is to complement the shade of your brown eyes. If you have light brown eyes, use warm colors such as caramel, honey, and gold. For darker shades of brown Use cool shades such as gray and silver. Kim Kardashian is a wonderful example of dark brown eyes with smokey eyes makeup.

For this versatile look, choose your colors, and follow these simple steps. You will have a wonderful smokey eye in ten minutes.

  1. Start by applying a primer eyeshadow over the entire eyelid. This prevents shadow cast iron lids in the bend during the day.
  2. Apply eyeliner to line the top lash in a color of your choice. You can use brown, gray, or black for a typical smokey eye. Remember to apply the thin coating around the inner eye and get thicker as you move to the outside eye.
  3. For an intense smokey eye, you must perfect spot! Slightly blur your upper eyeliner, then apply eyeliner to line the bottom lashes. Fade with the finger and add some eyeliner to intensify the look.
  4. Apply your blush lighter colored eye to the inner corner of the eye and work towards the middle of the lid. Use a shimmering color for a dramatic effect. Pearl is an excellent choice
  5. Take an eyeshadow brush and apply your darker shadow from the middle of the eyelid outward. Mix, blend mix! Make sure that the darkest color stops at the crease of the eye and the darker part are the outermost part of the eyelid.
  6. Apply your favorite mascara to complete the look. To make it more dramatic look, apply several layers without lumps.
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Tip: Although this is not necessary, you can use a powder or spray setting to ensure the look lasts all day. This is extremely useful for a night of dancing when your makeup is more likely to melt away.

Go Nude

Brown eyes do not require time or more products eye makeup brown improvement. You can go and watch naked red carpet ready.

Apply a face primer before applying the foundation. Use a setting powder over your foundation, and then apply a highlighter to the necessary areas. This will create the illusion of a glowing skin. All you need now is to curl your lashes and apply a little mascara.

You can dress the naked eye in a light neutral blush and a little color nude lips.

Now you can hit the gym, shopping with friends or on a date yet stunning look. Your natural characteristics are a typical show, and sometimes the best way to do this is to jump all colors.

Makeup for brown eyes, brown hair, and tan skin

If you have naturally tan skin, or you’ve got a bottle, living room, or the sun, the center will help
maximize your beauty.

Here are some eye makeup tips for brown, brown hair, brown eyes and tanned skin.

Celebrities like Rachel Bilson, Eva Longoria, and Jessica Alba all know how to show their glowing skin, and you too.

We will focus on the eyebrows, foundation and concealer, makeup brown eyes, and blush and lip colors.

Fortunately, brown with brown eyes often require less maintenance of beauty that women with other color characteristics.

Continue reading below to your beauty tips.


  • Keep your eyebrows flattering shape to frame your face.
  • If your brows are sparse, fill them with a little pencil shade that is close to the natural color of hair on the head.Thin eyebrows will make your jagged as you want to create a total symmetry with the
    the color of hair on the head.

Foundation and Concealer:

  • Find concealer for skin tanning can be difficult if you have a bit of an orange tint to your skin.L’Oreal True Match Super-blendable concealer ensures you get a color match for your big specific shade of skin from the skin.
  • Tan skin often does not require a lot of makeup.Use a small amount each time you see uneven skin, and mix using a small circular motion upwards. Use a full coverage foundation for evenings and special occasions.

Makeup brown eyes: 

  • Both brown or black mascara for you.
  • Apply a thin layer of black eyeliner around the eyes for day looks.For evening looks, you can get
    Out with smokey eyes makeup, using alternating shades of gray on your eyelids.
  • Colors of eye shadow: dark shades fishing, ice blue, and the pearl are some of the most flattering shades of tanned skin.Dark fishing will give your eyes a feminine glow, the blue glacier is ideal for evenings, and highlights your eyes bead making your tan appear to be in more contrast to the light color of the shade.
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Blush colors

  • Dark tinted peach and brown brush will be your best friend.The two colors enhance your tan skin without making you look exaggerated.

Lip Colors

  • Women with tanned skin can wear red and pink particularly well.A great spring and summer look is to wear a pale pink shade on your lips to make up your tan.

Makeup for brown, blond hair and fair skin

The combination of blond hair, pale skin, brown eyes and is sometimes natural, sometimes made with hair coloring, but still a striking and beautiful look.

Kiera Knightley celebrities like Britney Spears and Kate Mansi have all won this look beautifully. As a beauty with pale skin, you have too much reason to celebrate your looks.

Women with this color combination require routine eye makeup brown specially designed for their look. This hub will give makeup tips for fair hair, fair skin, and brown eyes.

We will focus on the eyebrows, foundation and concealer, eye makeup and blush and lip colors.



  • Keep your eyebrows and fit at any time.
  • If your eyebrows are too blond, try to color with a light brown pencil to add definition and a frame to your face.

Foundation and Concealer: 

  • If your blonde hair is the result of coloring hair, you may need to wear foundation and concealer at all times to avoid a yellowish appearance.
  • People with dark eyes tend to have olive or yellow shades themselves.These tones are beautiful in themselves, but blond hair can sometimes tarnish the look of this skin type.
  • This means paying extra attention to the thin skin areas on your face – especially around your eyes and give your face an even-toned canvas to prepare for the color.
  • Buy discount brands concealer and foundation because you might find that you’ll need to experiment with a few different brands and shades as each have their chemical reaction with skin.
  • These products often change the tones on your face, and you want to ensure you have the most flattering look.

Eye Makeup: 

  • Stick to brown mascara since most of your characteristics are light – both your hair and skin and brown blends perfectly with your eyes while triggering.
  • Always wear eyeliner around the eyes. It will be very easy for your brown eyes to look like large pearls glaring in your face because of the pale colors of skin and hair.The eyeliner will give your eyes a framework that will greatly reduce this effect.
  • Good color eyeshadow is different shades of brown, peach, pale pink, and purple.
  • Try adding a touch of white eyeshadow length below your eyebrows to give your skin a glow of light that complements the bright colors of hair.

Blush Colors:

  • Peach, very light brown and soft pink are your best colors of blush. If you are particularly concerned about getting it right the first time, then just choose very light brown. Blond hair, brown eyes, and the color of blush all have much the same composition of color, so it will be your best choice if you do not have much money to experiment with cosmetic purchases.

Lip Colors:

  • Soft browns, soft pinks, purple hues brewed and brewed peach will be your best colors of lipstick. These colors blend well with the suggested colors blush and eye shadow.
  • Because pale lips could wash your look too, always choose a lipstick that is darker than your blush. Since you have brown eyes, you want to add a splash of color on your lips to equalize the effects of light and dark on your face with makeup brown eyes.

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