How to Match Accessories to Liven Up Your Suits

Men’s suits have been around for a long time, and although the modern styles are more subdued and relaxed than their old-fashioned counterparts are, there are rules that should be considered when it comes to suiting up. The formal wear is fine and elegant on its own when worn with the most basic fundamentals: suit, dress shirt, tie, shoes, and belt. Looking good in male formalwear is easy when you just stick to the basics, but accessorizing is another province that should be tackled delicately.

Sure, the suit makes the man, but it is accessories that personalize the look. Some may say that expensive suits are better than the less-expensive ones, but most fashion-conscious people will say that price is not everything. Even the most expensive suits can look terrible when poorly coordinated, and suits that have been bought cheaply can look like a million bucks with the right coordination and accessories.

Below is a guide on  how to match common men’s accessories to liven up your look and suits.

Pocket Squares

These are handkerchiefs that are folded and artfully placed in the chest pocket. Pocket squares come in many designs and colors, and they are a good way to personalize your look.

Most people think that it should match with the tie, but it doesn’t have to as long as it doesn’t clash. Depending on what the occasion is and whether you have a partner, choose a pocket square that will compliment your own formal wear or match the shade of your date’s outfit.


Men’s cufflinks are some of the most understated pieces in suits to the untrained eye, but the subtleness paves the way for a variety of designs and styles that these come in. Cufflinks are essentially small pieces of metal that help fasten the sleeves at the cuff. They help tie the overall look of men’s suits during formal events. It’s best to own several pairs of cufflinks, a pair for formal occasions and another for casual events where designs can be a bit bolder.

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Money Clips

Bulky wallets can ruin the sleek silhouette of a suit, and that is why money clips were invented. They are compact, lightweight, classy, and can be personalized to your taste. There are many styles and types, but using carbon money clips in your suit’s front pocket have been trending among suit wearers as they are spring loaded, sturdy, and can hold many bills and credit cards.

Tie Bars

Tie bars or clips help keep the tie wrinkle-free and in place for the entire day. Most prefer tie bars to tie tacks as an accessory because they don’t actually ruin the fabric of the tie. There is an art to wearing a tie bar: it should be placed just right between the third and fourth buttons of the shirt so it’s not sitting too high or too low on the tie.


The watch should match the formality of the suit, and it should get along with other accessories and material to keep the outfit together. There are two main types of timepieces: digital or analog. Analog watches are considered more classic and more appropriate for formal occasions, while digital watches, which display time in numeric form, can be worn for less-formal events.

There is also the matter of straps being in harmony with other elements of the suit. A leather strap is always a safe choice, but always take note of the color to match with other leathers you plan to wear. A brown leather strap watch should go with brown dress shoes and belt. The same goes for the metals; avoid wearing both gold and silver in one outfit.

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Hip Flask

Flasks are old-school accessories, and they are highly represented in movie weddings where the best man or one of the groomsmen always has one in handy for the groom. It’s useful for bringing your own liquid courage anywhere you go.

Most hip flasks are made from stainless steel because they are low-maintenance and classy, but there are different sizes and shapes. A tip for choosing the right hip flask is that it should be big enough for you to share a sip or two of vodka or whiskey to comrades while having plenty more for yourself.

It’s All in the Attitude

Wearing a suit doesn’t guarantee you suave sophistication then and there. It’s more than a garment; it’s an attitude. Even at their most basic, suits shine even more with the help of some appropriately placed accessories.

A well-coordinated outfit will help boost your confidence and give you effortless grace and sophistication no matter the occasion. The points mentioned above are nothing more than just guidelines, and they’re not meant to be followed blindly.

While you are encouraged to be explorative and to express yourself in ways that you are truly comfortable in, it is good to be informed of the rules so you can take the information and adjust in the way you like it.


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