Mehandi and Karwachauth

Mehandi has a great significance in Indian culture and traditions especially in the lives of married women. On karma chauth which is Indian festival of Indian married women, Mehandi is put uo pn both hands and feet by women. Different types of designs and patterns are created using shades of Henna which beautify the hands of women.

Why Henna ?

Henna is considered to be a mark of good luck, auspicious occasion and martial bliss. It is a natural herb from which powdered form is made. This is then mixed with water, tea water or oil to form a thick paste. After keeping this paste for sometime, it can be applied to hands to form beautiful and intricate designs. After keeping for sometime, it is removed from hands and a lasting impression is left. As it is obtained naturally, it is also beneficial for our skin due to some of its medicinal properties.

Mehandi designs

Applying mehandi is an integral part and important ritual of the festival of Karwachauth. Earlier, simple designs were made using mehandi for example, making a triangle, square, rectangle, lines or simply making a circle in the centre of palm and finger tips. These days, the traditional designs have been replaced with bigger and complex designs which usually fills up the entire palm and backside of hands as well.

Significance of different designs

Mehandi is placed over palms, fingers, back side of hands, forearms and feet. Different appealing patterns are created over different areas. These designs vary in their basic framework for different regions, areas and religions. Each pattern may carry a specific significance. These could be a symbol of good health, fertility, spiritual growth, joy, protection from evil, wisdom, companionship, happiness etc Different interpretations have been given, for example, a peacock design indicates love, joy and good luck; camel lips and floral patterns with different shaped flowers, buds and leaves may be a sign of fertility and reproductive well being. Creating an image of God may ensure a healthy and prosperous life for couple. Making a growing vine pattern may reflect protection from evil. Mandal designs bring wisdom and spiritual awareness. Some women also like to put the names of their husbands embedded within mehandi designs.

From Hands…

Mehandi and Karwachauth- Tattoo

To Nails…

Mehandi and Karwachauth- Nail Art

Henna covers it all!!!!

Significance of Color of Mehandi

In Indian culture, it is very much prevalent that the colour and shade of Henna represents the amount of happiness in the life of that woman.  The darkness of color of mehandi denotes the love between the couple and understanding between the woman and their mother-in-laws. It is also believed that the longer the colour of mehandi stays, the more deeper and longer will be the bond.

Different range of mehandi colour can be obtained by adding ingredients like tea, coffee, cloves, curd, fruits, flowers etc The shades vary from dark red, red, orange etc

Mehandi and Karwachauth- Coloured

Modern styles

Designs and patterns of mehandi have also evolved a lot with time. These days, married women get designs done on their hands and feet a day before Karwa Chauth only. This is usually made by an artist who specialises in creating different and beautiful patterns with mehandi. Multiple mehandi stalls are organised in cities from where women get a design of their choice done on their hands. Henna artists also keep rough outlines and frameworks so that women can easily select a design. After creating a design, it  can be further decorated using crystals, stones, jewellery pieces, etc

Mehandi and Karwachauth- Sexy Modern

Designs for hands

Most of the women love to cover their entire hand in the colour of mehandi. The designs can be beautiful floral patterns, attractive abstract designs, geometrical shapes, vines, laces etc Firstly the palm is covered and then small patterns can be drawn over fingers and back of hands. These days mehandi is also drawn in the shape of rings covering the back side of fingers. Bracelette or a bangle like design can be made on the wrist and forearm.

Mehandi and Karwachauth- Coloured Hands

Designs for Feet

Trendy designs of mehandi are available for feet as well. These may compose of designs of some ornaments that are worn over the toe and fingers of feet, varied shapes and lengths of flowers, leaves and vines. Some paisley patterns, peacock art, drop or mango shape can also produce magnificent designs. Though it demands little more attention to create a design on feet and legs, but selecting a beautiful design can be very much striking.

Mehandi and Karwachauth- Hand n Feet

So ladies go and select fabulous and charismatic designs for your beautiful hands and feet to embark upon the great spirit of this most romantic Indian festival, Karwa Chauth.

Here’s a wonderful design that can surprise your husband more than anything….

A secret tip for all the lovely ladies… ;)

Mehandi and Karwachauth- Tattoo

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