mx-video-player MX Player is a going to make your movie watching the most enjoyable experience. MX Player is a powerful video player that can be used on Androids. It can play all types of video files and also the subtitle files. The first Android video player, MX player could perform multi-core decoding.  When dual core devices have been used for MX Player, the performance rate is about 70% more than that of single-core decoding. It is possible to have Zoom in and Zoom out features very easily if MX Player is there. Users have to pinch and swipe across the screen. It is also possible to have subtitles scrolled back and forth faster. Codecs and Rendering Engines are provided by this app which is optimized for the processors. Optimization is done for the processors like ARM NEON and NVIDIA Tegra 2.  MX Players also has kids lock features. Kids can enjoy watching movies but would be restricted from using other apps or making calls though for this plugin is required.

PC versions of this app
  • First Download this software (Windows)
  • After download the software, install it. Just after the installation it will start downloading some components and take some time to complete.
  • After that run the software and it will show screen like Android phone and then go to Google Play.
  • Find Savaan , download it and start enjoying !!!

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