Jewellery accessories are every women’s craving. No outfit is complete with right pair of jewellery. After all jewellery has the power to be that little thing that can make you feel unique and proper and fine jewelry can make your confident boost ten times up. Everyone has a different kind of weakness for different jewellery items. Some long for earrings, while for some a neckpiece is all they need.

So here we are with some special kinds of neck pieces which every woman must possess after all be it a marriage party, corporate meeting, a date with your prince charming or a mere formal get together, a good necklace can set it all !!

A neckpiece has the power to transform an utterly boring outfit to something graceful, chick, dazzling or however you want it to be it’s just the matter of necklace you wear.

Heart pendent necklace:

Often related with love and given as a symbol of everlasting love to a special someone. Heart necklaces have been in demand since ages. Their association with love making it all the more in demand among couples who have newly found their love and a perfect gift for valentines day:

These heart pendent necklaces themselves come in a number of variants with so much choice to choose from and getting the one perfect for you.


Golden heart pendent necklace:

This is the one which goes well more along with mature people and matured love. Symbolizing a perfect blend of maturity, respect and love thus making it a perfect gift option for married men to gift to their wives and make her feel special.

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Heart Necklace For Girlfriend and Boyfriend

This kind is hugely popular amidst today’s times. Symbolizing cute love this variation includes two halves of the same heart each with the either. You can either write name of your both on each half or some cute, loving and  deep meaning short love quotes.

A perfect choice if you have just fallen in love.

Heart Necklace For Girlfriend

Though such can be found in both golden as well as silver but latter one being more popular with young couples of today. This is a perfect gift if any man wishes to gift to his girl. The best part they can also be personalized by writing name of your beloved or deep 2 word messages.

So all you men reading this go and gift her a kind now, we bet you will like to thank us for it.

Dazzling silver:

Silver is the new in nowadays. Silver jewelry goes with any kind of outfit and is a perfect blend of sophistication and grace. Silver necklace collection is a must have.

Silver necklaces come in a number of styles, you just have to have the right one for you.

Following are some of the styles which are quite popular:


Silver Necklace Chain

Yes that’s right it is a must have for every women. There is nothing as sophisticated as a single silver thread around your neck. Certainly a must for all your corporate meetings, it literally adds a silver lining to otherwise plain corporate blacks and blues we have to wear to office.

Silver Necklace With Stone

This is most appropriate for all your high class and social parties and wherever you wish to make a high statement.

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Silver and stone certainly a lethal combination it is.

Silver Necklace Set

Traditional silver necklace sets are again a show for high class but blends more at traditional functions like high class weddings. One of such kind is a must have.

Bar Necklace

These type of necklaces are new in the accessories market. These type are usually a synonym to strength and boldness. This kind is a perfect combination of boldness and grace both.

Gold Bar Name Necklace

Again a personalized thing one can have their name written on a bar of gold. Personalized and bold at the same time!

Curved Bar Necklace

This one provides you with a chick look and simplicity. Thus crafted with a simplicity which is astonishing in itself.

Bar Necklace Diamond

These can be found in either type a simple bar or in a curved bar type with diamonds studded upon. It cant get any classier than this!

White Gold Necklace

Usually confused with white gold jewelry but however white gold is made by mixing an alloy of gold with any other metal which is white.

The white gold neck pieces offer you to be chance to look class apart. A synonym with royalty. It is an apt choice whenever you wish to have a royal look thus making it another must have in your jewelry box.

Rose Gold Necklace

Another variant in gold accessory. Gold has a whole new color with a tinge of rosy. Again taken to be as a very royal colour rose gold necklaces are something which can go along well with any outfit.

Chunky Rose Gold Necklace

These are one of a kind and are hugely popular. These are in demand for their quirky designs and have a fresh appeal to them. Can be worn anytime to elevate your looks whether day or night and a perfect combination with evening party gowns.

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Rose Gold Cross Necklace

A perfect sophisticated accessory for all the church visits and after service lunches. Symbol of god and jewel piece caters to both.



That’s it folks. We have covered almost all the main variations of necklaces if you still have some you personally feel are truly amazing do write to us!

We hope that the above list is of help and all the ladies out there can figure out what’s missing in their jewelry boxes. And if there by chance you are a man reading it we are sure you would have got plenty of gift ideas for your beloved thus no more thinking what to gift this upcoming new year eve and the following upcoming valentines day just 2 months away.

We hope you enjoyed reading and exploring along. All suggestions and feedback truly welcome!!

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