What is advertising?

Advertising is a form of marketing communication utilized to persuade people to take or continue some action, usually with respect to a commercial offering. The importance of advertising on a company’s turnover cannot be overlooked however, in recent times advertising has become a fiercely mooted topic due to its negative impacts on our society. This impact on our society is in a jumble form, depending on the functions and implementations of numerous campaigns. Listed below are some of its negative impacts on our society.

Advertising makes people spend money and time on irrelevant items.

Several assorted techniques are enforced for persuading consumers that they want the product which is being advertised. These techniques usually give attention to the benefits that would be brought to the consumers rather than focusing on the actual products. It does this by playing with their emotions and encouraging them to think that buying and depleting are the activities of life. And many viewers, because they are careless, will buy because they are the newest and latest.

It encourages immorality

The percentage of youth exposed to the internet or any other advertising media is high compared to the adults. Consequently, constant exposure of this younger generation to nude pictures of (say) models used in advertising products will without doubt increase immoral acts such as rape, in the society.


Advertising aims to present a product in the best light possible. The issue starts when the dramatization exceeds the range into falsely describing an item. That is, the information that the advertisement is passing is different from what the product itself is capable of doing, which is more or less like taken the society for granted. Consequently, huge penalties may come from deceptive advertisement as levied by the Federal Trade Commission.

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Unrealistic Expectations

Several advertisements for prescribed medications have led to implausible anticipation regarding the performance of drugs as well as their adverse reactions. Companies can make false claims about their products and give people promises only to attract and make them buy their products. Several people have fallen victims of this and top in this category are beauty and health products. Disclaimers are often hidden in very small print on product packaging and in out-of-the way spots in ads. Apart from making people waste hundreds of dollars, it may likewise result into severe health challenge.

It makes children vulnerable

Children are susceptible to advertising. There is a link between food advertising and children’s preferences regarding what they will consume. Advertisements for several sugary cereals motivate children to request for those particular products from their parents whether or not the products are beneficial to the children. It is far from coincidental that the most greatly promoted toys in the time of the holiday periods turned out to be the best sellers.

Conclusively, before you make any attempt to patronize a product, consider doing a thorough research on the product to avoid causing yourself more harm than it is necessary.

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