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Perhaps it is a house that you just bought and that you discovered needs a renovation project or perhaps it is your old house which has become a bit run down and needs to be renovated and updated; it does not matter. What matters is that this is the perfect opportunity to make your house environmentally friendlier and also more energy efficient, which means cheaper to maintain. We will cover the basic stuff you need to do to ensure this becomes reality.


Check the insulation

Insulation is a huge factor when you determine how environmentally friendly your house is. First of all, you need to make sure that the materials you used for insulation are green and if they are not, you should replace them with those that are. Also, if it is a particularly old property, you should check and make sure unhealthy insulation materials like asbestos were used.

This is also the perfect time to check your plastering. It may have dilapidated over the years and it might not be providing the insulation that it should be. Make sure you dedicate enough time to this particular matter as it will save you quite some money in the long run, and hey, perhaps you could even put in those new boards that make your home even more energy efficient.

You should also consider having your roof checked and updated by professionals like DePalma Construction. If you have shingles that need replaced, holes that need patched, or some other minor repair it is best to have that done before it is too late.

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Attend to plumbing

Plumbing is often known to be a problem in older houses and the renovation is the perfect time to check everything is fine. You should start from the bottom up, check the main pipes and then ensure that there are no leaks. Leaks can not only lead to wasting water, but also to mold and additional issues.

Additionally, you’d want to move all your important belonging to a drier area, or finally unpack that new home giftware you’ve been keeping in the boxes, as well as throw away any items you believe have no way of contributing to your home. Without all that clutter there is a smaller chance of dust or mold forming in your home, and you even save up on space, so it’s a win-win situation.


Check up on fixtures

Doors and windows that have become less air-tight over time (and they all get less air-tight with time) are responsible for a large percentage of energy that is wasted during winter and summer months. You will be losing a lot of heat during winter months if your windows are letting outside air in and vice-versa in the summer where you will have to run your A/C harder in order to cool the house down. For an effective remodel, our advice would be to go with modern fixtures which have better durability and which provide enhanced insulation.


Inspect your electrical installations

Just like plumbing is known to be an issue with older houses, so are the electrical installations. Our advice would be to call up an electrician who will inspect the entire house and identify any problems if there are any. Also, we would advise you to check your actual bulbs and replace the existing ones with modern, energy-efficient ones that use much less electricity. If you live in an area that is particularly sunny, you can even start thinking about putting solar panels on your roof for at least some renewable energy to be used in your house.

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