Renting Supercars

For several years now, several people have found it hard to understand why others opt to hire a supercar instead of purchasing one. This question is valid; however, you can tell that these people have little or no idea of the cost implications of maintaining the supercar in your garage.

When we mention the word “supercars” we are mainly referring to models from Maserati, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari, and Bentley. Hence, we will take a quick look at the cost implications of owning a supercar. We will also look at the pitfalls and road bumps you are most likely to experience on the way. Finally, we will show you why hiring one is a better option than purchasing one.

Why Renting Supercars Is A Better Option To Owning Them


The first point we will look at is depreciation. It is true that not all models will fall in value like the popular BMW 7 series. However, most of the models do. The only brands or models which could be regarded as investments that are modern and sound are the Ferrari Enzo and McLaren F1. If you buy a new Spyder model LP560, you will have to deal with the value depreciating to the tune of $40,000 to $50,000 only one year after your purchase. This price of the car will most likely be more than $200,000.

Besides that, you may need about $,2500 to service the supercar regularly. This is besides the insurance that will most likely cost around $5,700 or above. If you take out a loan to purchase the car, you will also have to consider the payment options and the interest on it. However, let us keep both the repayment and interest aside for now. To rent supercars at affordable prices check out luxury car rental atlanta

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From the illustration above, we can estimate that you will spend way over $60,000 annually for the privilege of owning the Spyder model LP560. This implies that you may spend $5,000 on average every month. The low miles on supercars implies that a lot of their owners do not drive their cars very often at all. So, the question then is “why spend so much for a car that you most likely will not drive often?”

Vandalizing Costs

What will you do if someone vandalizes your prized vehicle that you have spent your life savings on? For instance, someone accidentally knocked off your wing mirror or scratched your car’s  wings. These scenarios will demand that you either purchase a brand-new wing mirror or your whole car makes and expensive trip to the paint shop. Either way, you will need to cough up thousands of dollars. These are some of the reasons it is likely that you will have to pay a high insurance premium to protect your car. There is also the possibility that you will denied any insurance at all at your next renewal if you claim.

The other factor to consider if you are tired of your supercar and you intend selling it to someone else is the stress that comes with the tire kickers. You will also need to consider the advertisement costs among many other things that will demand you spend more cash.

All these factors highlight the fact that it is wiser to hire supercars than to buy them.

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