Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0Samsung galaxy Note 8 is no doubt best tablet of Samsung, however depending on experience with company offerings, weight of model will also vary dramatically. Now, if you are really stylus devotee which you like what you see in Note 10.1, you will be glad to know about the software upgrades, in Note 8. Moreover, it integrates stylus, S Pen and is also available in smaller package comparatively with less seams along with more remarkable screen. Still, if you’re not an artist and have no interest in coming near a stylus anytime soon, go for one of the many cheaper options.



Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is one of the newest versions of tablet available in market and is very popular at the present time. This model has its own pros and cons. Here are the reviews of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0


This model is considered as one of the most comfortable to the hold as well as best looking small tablet. In addition, writing with S Pen feel natural as well as is also preferred over typing on the tablet screen. The storage can also be expanded with help of micro SD, and watch on the feature has a potential as universal video/remote content hub.


The bad part of this model is that it is very costly if we compare the cost with the level of features if offers. It is not as thinner as iPad Mini and in addition, there are also many people who do not appreciate high saturated looks of OS. Also, this model faces the problems of occasional performance hangs.

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Samsung galaxy 8.0 is an attractive model along with a useful stylus however, it is more costly for its features unless you do not need a pen input.

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