SEM or Search Engine Marketing is said to be the process of promoting website through increasing their appearance in search engine results. This can be done by onpage and off-page optimization and also by different forms of advertisement.

4 Effective ways of Search Engine Marketing:

Let us discuss the most effective ways of making your website top the charts in search engines:

1.Popularity of Website:

How popular is your website is the first thing which comes in the mind of search engines. The presence of the website is determined by the number of pages the site has indexed and by the number of backlinks the site contains in the search engines list. Most search engines have their own set of ranking algorithms to show the results of particular search. Using proper keywords and with good saturation and backlinks your site can make through it.

2. Keywords:

To index the site in the search engine one has to figure out the best suitable and most popular keywords for their site. Just finding the best keyword doesn’t index your site in search engines, the keywords has to be used in the way that it will assure the traffic to generate on your site.

3. Using the tools:

Various tools are to be used in order to bring the index. One must use web analytic tools to HTML valuators, everything which helps to keep a track on the traffic, log files and several other measurements.

4. Whois tools:

This tool can help you figure out the website owners with additional information on trademarks and copyrights.

A Simple Guide to SEO

Sponsored listings:

Sponsored listings are also known as paid inclusion, where the website has to pay certain fees to get their website indexed on search engines. The best and most famous example of pain inclusion is Google.
This is one of the best ways to generate revenue for the search engines. Some search engines have terms of annual payment while some sites ask for only one time payment. Pay per click is also a form of sponsored listings where the search engines are paid as per the clicks made.

Controversies with SEM:

There are few ethical questions yet to be answered when we talk about paid advertising. In fact the Federal Trade Commission has also brought up a letter saying how important it is to disclose the paid ads on the result page of search engines. Google has even taken strong steps to control the buying on link to pass the rank. Google doesn’t hesitate to penalize such companies.

Overall, the best and most successful example for Search Engine Marketing is the Google AdWord. Though there are other famous Search Engine Marketing gurus out there in World Wide Web, such as Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter.

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