What is Social Media Marketing

The process of attracting traffic for your website through the social media sites is known as Social Media Marketing. This type of marketing is completely different from paid marketing. Using the different social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and several others an advertisement attractive enough to get the attention of the users is posted. And in the World Wide Web the post is been shared and spread from user to user. The best thing about Social Media Marketing is how inexpensive it is and how easily accessible to anyone at anytime.

Advantages of social media marketing

The advantage of this kind of marketing is that it makes the consumer deal with the company directly. Being in contact with the company directly forges a strong relationship between the consumer and the company to a new level. If the consumer feels satisfied or pleased with the interaction or the product of the company, he/she can “repost” or “re-tweet” the product or recommend the company to their friends and family. Word of mouth is what the key of Social Media Marketing.

By keeping a track on number of times a post been reposted or re-tweeted the company can analyze the popularity of a particular product with the consumers. Additionally, by following or liking the page of the company the consumer is kept updated with the latest product introduced by the company or new offers been introduced in the festivals.

Social Media marketing on different aspects

It’s not only about spreading product of companies. There are several new aspects on which Social Media Marketing can be used to its best.  An event can be spread through Facebook or Twitter.
Government uses the Social Media Marketing for Elections and promoting their candidates and their parties. Local business is shared by users and their friends whether it be a local coffee shop or a book spread, it again becomes “Word of mouth”. Liking the company’s page gives you additional offers and special discounts.

Why is the presence of social networks good for your business
Most famous Social Networking Sites

The companies post the pictures, videos and narrative descriptions about the products in Facebook page. Users are allowed to like a link broadcasted from the company, they can even comment on it or share it to another page or someone’s wall. These days the companies are all set to increase their fan base and they are doing pretty good job with an average of 9% of increased fans each month.

Twitter is fast and short in nature. People follow their favorite brands home pages and re-tweet the posts they like on the page or comment on the tweet. In twitter it is most likely observed that brands add the links on their page which takes the customers directly to the companies’ site which is a very positive marketing on social networking site.

Instagram is all about pictures and sharing them. With 100 million registered users it’s easy to spread a Winter Sale of Lee Cooper or the new watch introduced by Rolex.

Blogs are reliable for people seeking detailed descriptions or reviews of particular products. Like the cell phone companies sends their latest cell phone to the leading tech websites to review and write about it on their sites. And such sites are visited by millions of users each day making the product reviewed quite popular.

Over all, using Social Media Marketing for your company could turn out to be the best decision you have ever made for the good of your company.

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