“If you make friends with the social media then you will kiss the loneliness goodbye”

 Social media has become the most essential part in the life of the people as per the present statistics. It is the new best friend of the present generation that has created a different world for all, an online world, and an offline world. The offline world includes all the people and the things that are in actual available around you which you can touch, feel and communicate. An online world is the world created by the social media where you have people and things with which you have a virtual connection.

The people consider the social media to be the fighter for loneliness as it helps you get in contact with many people across the globe. You might have just a few friends in the real world, but in the virtual social media you will get in touch with hundreds and one or the other will be available to talk and kick off your boredom. You may not be popular in your college or school, but you can be the most popular in the social media by showcasing your talents and the real you to the world. You can chat, meet, greet, add status, check in, speak out your opinion, spread awareness, link to the events, participate in gigs and also form a group to fight social cause via social media thus making it your world and killing all the loneliness.

Social media is available any day anytime irrespective of the time you log in unlike the real world and real people who have their own time to make themselves free to be available for friends and family. The social media also helps in promoting self, business, thoughts and choices and spread to the people available in the globe. Social media also shares the news, current affairs, blogs, articles and many other knowledgeable pieces that are must be followed and learn. It also gives you information about the gigs and the events that are in the town so that you are updated and the news feeds are updated now and then making you up to date about all the recent things.

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It has influenced people so much that nobody can survive without surfing the social media websites. It is clear indication that it has advantages and also disadvantages. Nevertheless, Social media has indeed become the best friend of every lonely soul.

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