There are several SEO companies across the globe to serve you with large number of techniques in improving the web ranking. The ones which are recommended are the non manipulative and safe techniques, called the white hat SEO techniques. While the ones which are risky, spammy, less reputable and not recommended by search engines are known as black hat SEO techniques.

People often show interest in these mainly because they are capable to offer better results in search engines without much effort in a short period of time. Listed below are some of the black hat SEO techniques which are a big no-no with Google and other search engines

Redirecting Google users

While surfing the Google or any other search engine, you often realized that when you click a link or an ad, you get landed to a web page which is not actually related to what you clicked. This is one of the most common black hat SEO technique that is used by several web owners to attract more and more web traffic. This technique is highly restricted by all search engines including Google.

Posting spam comments in bulk

This is another search engine optimization strategy that is totally banned by the search engines. Posting the comments on articles, blogs or under any information that favors them is something that a lot of web owners did.

They did it with the help of third party websites or through their own efforts and they did it most of the time when they actually didn’t see any tag under their posts appreciating what they have written.

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Other black hat SEO techniques are

  • Hiding the web text
  • Stuffing of the keyword
  • Automatic redirects
  • Cloaking

In addition to all above, all the tactics that make an effort to force users to arrive at an unwanted web page are also considered as black hat SEO techniques.

Though the techniques listed above are often used by a large number of web page owners, but one must always keep in mind that it is always better to neglect them. Google and other search engines usually monitor these kind of spamming tactics on the web which can hinder the search engine results.

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