Stairs are an important part of your home. They are like the veins of the body that connect all the parts and deliver messages from top to bottom, and because they are so busy, it is important to keep them beautiful. But beauty has a size that is not measured in meters, but in the times that surprises others, and that makes you fall in love. And we do not need much space to make a good impression.

To convince you that houses are like a dose of love, and condensed beauty, we have assembled these designs of stairs.


Modern designs of indoor stairs

A beautiful contemporary staircase can serve a purpose far beyond the functional and is that many homeowners choose to transform the stairs of their home into a central piece of architecture. The stairs modern interior make use of non-traditional materials such as glass and steel. They have also emerged designs of stairs that also serve as storage furniture.

Stairs with storage compartments

Contemporary spiral staircases

Spiral staircases are a smart way to save space and can characterise its interior decoration impressively. They bring a very interesting dramatic touch and depending on the design we choose we can complete the interiors with new textures and rhythms.

Design of indoor glass stairs

Glass stairs are ideal if you have a preference for light and spacious interiors. If you already have some traditional style wooden stairs, then you can add a more modern touch by opting for a flat glass balustrade. The open scaleras, a straight band AC bearing or a floating staircase are beautiful additions to any home, but may not be the most appropriate if you have young children.

Floating Stairs

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