Bridal Mehandi is an inevitable part of a Wedding which cannot be avoided.

Since very early in their lives, women dream over and over of one sole moment in their lives and tend to long for it, planning and re-planning how they think it should go. It can even be correctly concluded that they actually live for this day. This much sought after day, is the day of their wedding. It is of paramount importance that this day goes smoothly, for every woman. As the bride, you are the centre of attention.This being the case, you need to ensure that you do what you are meant to… steal the show! The very first thing that you, as a bride need in order to effectively accomplish this, is to make certain that on that day, you are looking drop dead stunning. As an Indian, Moroccan or Pakistani bride, you are well aware that the mehandi is the crowning detail of the brides’ look. Therefore, you can never be too cautious when selecting the particulars of the mehandi.

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The Mehandi applying ceremony is very significant in Middle East wedding preparation processes. It is said that the darker the mehandi will be on the hands of the bride, the more her husband and mother-in-law will love and respect her. Brides are not allowed to do any work after the wedding, until the mehandi completely fades away. Therefore, you can easily see why it is in every bride’s interest to get the darkest mehandi tattoos!

There are innumerable designs you can opt for in your mehandi wedding design. The meanings of the patterns chosen differ from design to design.

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For instance, flowers which denote bliss are consequently the most popular mehandi designs chosen for wedding ceremonies.

heavy mahendi design

The bud, on the other hand depict the dawn of a new life. The lotus flower is used to symbolize grace, femininity and purity.


Leaves and vines are symbolic of perseverance, vitality and devotion in the bride to her groom.


Bird designs are also occasionally incorporated into mehndi designs. Birds, commonly believed to be messengers between earth and heaven denote distinct virtues when used in mehandi. Generally, birds symbolize freedom. Have a look at Stylish Red Color Nail Art Designs


In weddings, the peacock design can be used and it signifies elegance and charm.


On rare occasions, you might find a bride opting to incorporate a scorpion in her mehandi design. Scorpions, contrary to popular belief depict a number of positive virtues in tune with wedding themes.

latest design of mehndi

Scorpions are a symbol of love and romance. They are every so often linked to the “cupid’s shot”. This link was made perhaps due to the similarities between the symptoms engulfing the victim of a scorpion bite and the symptoms of being in love. Heat flushes, increased heartbeat, breathlessness and a more prominent glaze in the eyes among others.


It is not only the design in mehandi that is meaningful. The body part on which the mehandi is drawn holds significance to some level. Mehandi designs applied on the palms of the wearer’s hands signify the reception of blessings while, application on the top of the hands signifies protection. Our feet are the sole connection to the earth. Therefore, when applied on the feet, it is considered very spiritual, as they are a connection of the soul, mind and body to the earth.

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