Stunt Dirt Bike 2

Stunt Dirt Bike 2Stunt Dirt Bike Review is a flash based game and players can enjoy it free of cost. The players can enjoy riding ATVs and dirt bikes. They can choose the type of vehicle. The players playing it for the first time has to unlock two additional vehicles having different features. Players must reach level 9 so that they could unlock the better dirt bike and the users must have to reach to level 12 to unlock better ATV. The various control used for playing the game are up-move forward, down-move backward, left right-lean, P-pause , and R-restart level. Down arrow has very important role because it helps the bike to get over an obstacle. The players of this game get the competitive attitude as they have to finish a particular level within the shortest possible time.  The game has no background music but for each bike or ATV , high quality sound is used.

PC versions of this app
  • First Download this software (Windows)
  • After download the software, install it. Just after the installation it will start downloading some components and take some time to complete.
  • After that run the software and it will show screen like Android phone and then go to Google Play.
  • Find Stunt Dirt Bike , download it and start enjoying !!!

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