rainy shoes

No matter what the season, sometimes using our shoes also includes maintaining them in a proper state. Keeping your shoes in proper condition is just another way to add to their longevity. Whether it is the rainy season or summer, every category of the shoe has a particular way of taking care of them. Once you buy rainy shoes, it is up to you to decide what would be the correct way to take care of them. Here are some tips for maintenance once you buy rainy shoes:

Look For A Better Storage:

How you store your footwear also impacts its longevity. Most of the time, people just keep their out in the open once they buy rainy shoes. However, you cannot overlook the fact that these types of shoes are required to be kept in dry storage places. The most crucial thing is that you need to ensure that the shoes are not in contact with moisture so that they don’t go bad. You can use tools like a shoe tree to preserve the shape of the shoe wherever you decide to keep them.

Cover Them While Keeping Away for Next Season:

Once the season is done, you know that these pairs of footwear won’t be used for a few months. Many times people keep these shoes in the cardboard boxes that you get when you buy rainy shoes. However, many times they end up developing some sort of fungal infection or cath stains in them. For such cases having a shoe bag are the best solution, but instead, you can wrap them up in muslin cloth or newspaper.

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Remove Mud From The Sole:

The monsoon season is known for its water puddles and muddy roads, but even if you are wearing rainy shoes, there are high chances of ruining your shoes with the mud. The best maintenance tip would be to remove mud from the exterior on a regular basis. You can just use a damp cloth or an old toothbrush to do so. Removing mud would avoid getting stains on the footwear, and the shoes would make you look more presentable.

Powder The Insides:

Many times, when you buy rainy shoes, you will notice that the inside of the shoe would be made of material that would soak in moisture like a sponge. They are actually used to give your feet a soft touch and feel but aren’t efficient that efficient to be absorbed entirely in the rain. However, the inside of the shoe should not be neglected as they will further give you skin infections. So the best way to protect your feet and the life of the shoe would be to add talcum powder inside so that it soaks in moisture.

Apply Polish or Wax On Regular Basis:

These shoe treatments are very vital for the good shape of your shoes in the longer run. But, first, you must understand the material of your rainy shoe and decide whether you want to apply wax or polish because it must suit the shoe as well. This whole treatment would then ensure your shoe looks just as new.


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