A popular variety of endless running video game that has been released on 17th of January 2013 is popularly known as Temple run 2. It was first released on Ios apps store. Later on it is released in Android devices and Google play.

Who designed the game?

The designer of Temple run 2 is none other than Keith Shepherd. From March 2012, this particular game is under development.

What is in the game?

This game is represented as temple floating in the clouds. You can also see the sky which includes some aerial characteristics in the game play. In the traverse large gaps, zip lines are exclusively used. Players tilt the device to perform an action.


Temple run 2 is featured with same controls like the predecessor. But, this time more obstacles are created in the way such as flames of fire, sharper turns, ziplines, waterfalls etc to make the game more thrilling. The new power-ops is another exclusive feature of the game.

PC versions of the game

It is possible to download PC version of the game. The steps followed in the process are:

  • First Download this software (Windows)
  • After download the software, install it. Just after the installation it will start downloading some components and take some time to complete.
  • After that run the software and it will show screen like Android phone and then go to Google Play.
  • Find Temple Run 2 , download it and start enjoying the Game !!!

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