LunchboxThe Lunchbox or Dabba is the movie starring some of the powerful actors of Bollywood like Irrfan Kjan,  Nawazuddin Siddiqui and is directed by Ritesh Batra. The story is in the backdrop of the busy city Mumbai. Irrfan plays the role of a widowed government employee Saajan Fernandes ,who is on the verge of his retirement after working for 35 years. Nirmal Kaur plays the role of a housewife who is looking for a twist in her monotonous marriage life as she feels that her husband is no more interested in her though her life revolves around her daughter Yashvi and her husband Rajeev. Ila prepares delicious food for her husband that would be taken to his office by the famous dabbawallahs of Mumbai City.

The story takes a differ turn when the dabba sent for Rajeev, Ila’s husband goes to Saajan’s desk. Ila sends a not along with the dabba the next day and her note gets reverted back by Saajan the next day. Everyday  Ila and Saajan kept on exchanging notes and the notes had their inner feelings along with discussing food and other topics. Finally Ila and Saajan decided to meet. The note sending and receiving between Ila an Saajan would remind audiences about the older ways of romance when people did not have mobile phones and writing letter were the only way of communication between the lovers. Nawazuddin plays the role of Aslam Shaikh, who would replace Saajan after his retirement and both of them become fond of each other though Saajan did not like Aslam when both met for the first time. Bharti Achrekar plays the role of Mrs. Deshpande who is lives beside Ila’s home.

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All of the actors do justice to their role and audiences would definitely  get a masala entertainer from the debut filmmaker Ritesh Batra.

Rating- 4.5/5


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