Uttarakhand-floodThe terrible and furious magnitude of the fury of nature continued in Uttarakhand where more than forty bodies were discovered. The toll of the lives has reached to two hundred and seven even after the rescue teams tried hard to evacuate around nine thousand victims of the flood in Badrinath and Kedarnath.

This toll may rise even more as the Principal Secretary of Uttarakhand Mr. Rakesh said that the figures of casualty are even more high and shocking. The home minister Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde also said that by far two hundred and seven people are found dead. This toll might go higher as the debris in many more areas is still not cleared.













In many parts of Haridwar, forty bodies have been discovered. Similar number of dead bodies might be recovered from various locations around the banks of river Ganga. Mentioning the difficulties in the process of autopsy of these dead bodies with restricted facilities, the officials said that more teams of specialists are being requisitioned for this purpose. The rescue teams focused on the rain ravaged Kedarnath where two hundred and fifty people were stranded. After that they started their rescue operation in Badrinath, where nine thousand people were struck.

childs in Uttarakhand Tragedy Stating it to be the most horrible tragedy of the century, the Minister of agriculture Harak Rawat said that it will take them at least four years for recovering from the damage which has been caused to the whole network of infrastructure in Kedarnath which has been affected the most and the worst by the floods. Rawat said that he was there for six hours and was shockingly surprised to watch the extent to which the damage has been caused to the area.

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He mentioned that the centre of faith has completely turned into debris. Bodies of victims are found everywhere. It is only the sanctorum sanctum is still standing intact, he added. A huge number of people were still stranded in many parts of the district which was stuck by the cloud burst.

helicopter-in UttarakhandThe rescue work was happening full fledgedly for evacuating the stranded victims in the rain hit district of Kinnaur with 2 choppers who had been dedicated specifically for this rescue work. @ IAF Choppers and 1 State chopper haven been employed to evacuate the stranded people but one of the choppers is realizing some problems.

The officials said that by far five hundred and fifty victims have been air-lifted. Still the number of stranded people is increasing steadily with the reports of victims stuck in different locations. The helicopter sorties have been strategized for Nako, Pooh, and various other places.


Uttarakhand survivors forced to buy water & chips for Rs. 200 and Rs. 100 respectively

uttarakhandThe shocking stories of the sufferings of the victims of the Uttarakhand tragedy are coming to the fore, with some of the stranded victims who were forced to made a payment of Rs. 250 for one paratha and Rs. 100 to purchase a packet of chips.
A 56 years old victim of flood and the local of Dehradun Manohar Mauriya who was rescued and taken to Doon Hospital, said that the distraught tourists are being exploited which is really saddening him.

He said that he was made to pay rupees forty for one bowl rice. He also added that there was nothing to eat anywhere. Mauriya also saw the taxi in which he had come to Uttarakhand, being flown away by the waters of flood.
Amit Guote of UP, spoke with his stranded relatives in Gaumukh and said that they were made to pay rupees four hundred for 2 packs of chips and 2 bottles water.

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Even after surviving the tragedy, the stranded victims, many of the people who were left with very less money were finding difficulties for buying food for them.
A stranded tourist said that some of the locals started exploiting the helplessness of the victims. The taxi drivers were demanding three to four thousand rupees for the journey which would generally cost thousand rupees.

The tourist said that all their money got exhausted and they were left completely helpless.One more tourist who was waiting at the Railway station told that they were paying by their nose for buying food. He said that the shopkeepers were selling one paratha for rupees two hundred and a bottle of water for rupees one hundred.

Ramesh, a local of Udaipur whose mother and father are stranded in the flood hit area said that they are being charged exorbitantly by the locals for buying food.


Uttarakhand-relatives of the victims becoming impatient

People in Uttarakhand-floodThe relatives of more than 1 thousand victims, who are reportedly missing in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, are becoming impatient and are planning to go to Rambada and Kedarnath to search for them on their own. With absolutely no report being published by the administration regarding the missing people, they are planning to visit the district struck by the natural calamity and scour the debris which is lying in the areas to search for the bodies of the relatives.


Indian Army – the only rescuer!

indian-army-in-uttarakhandIntensifying relief and rescue processes, the Defence bureau has positioned over 45 Army and IAF helicopters together with over ten thousand in Uttarakhand. IAF spread 20 Mi-17s and 16 Advanced Light Helicopters where they’ve helped people.


Uttarakhand-the remains in Kedarnath not yet cleared, stated the Disaster management body

An official told that almost a month after the flood flash deposited approximately a ten foot high mount of debris in Kedarnath in Uttarakhand; negligible progress has been achieved for clearing the debris.

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kedarnath-temple-in-uttarakhandM Shashedhar Reddy, the Vice Chairman of the national disaster management authority said that very less progress has been noticed in the clearing of the debris in Kedarnath. He also said that the hurdles like the inclement climate are causing the delay in the clearing of the debris.

He added that was earlier planned that the machines of KCB will be loaded on the helicopters for clearing debris. But because of the inclement weather conditions, they were not able to carry the machines on helicopters there. Without these machines, it is very difficult to clear all the debris, he added.

A huge number of people are still missing after the rains caused havoc in the area previous month and the authorities fear that the bodies have been buried beneath the mount of debris in the Kedarnath valley and would start to decompose which might lead to an epidemic.

Dera Sacha Sauda sent relief to Uttarakhand for flood affected

Dera Sacha Sauda sent relief for floodDera Sachha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh on Tuesday said that around fifteen hundred followers had promised to marry the women of Uttarakhand who have lost their partners in the floods and the land slides which struck the hills previous month.

Singh had made an announcement post the flagging of the thirty three trucks of the relief goods, bound for the district of Uttarakhand. The chief also made a remark with regard to the Deoli Brahmgram Village which is known as the Village of Widows, where a huge number of men have died because of the floods.

Reference : http://derasachasauda.org/dera-sacha-sauda-sent-relief-for-flood-affected-in-uttrakhand/

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