flash-designingA flash banner is a very popular method in the advertising business in the world of internet today. Its purpose is to draw customers and notify them about various new products and their promotions which are accessible to them.

A banner is an interface in between the buyers and the sellers. The banner is often the foremost object a consumer notices when he lands on a website. Thus, providing an attractive banner is an utmost essential feature to seize the visitors’ interest and switch them into customers.

  • Should comply with the respective website’s design format.

The flash banner must be designed later, and not before creating a website. Every part of the particular web design has to be considered while designing the banner, for example, the layout, color schemes, design elements, texture, font style, background color, font size, and all other things.

  • Reduce the time of banner loading.

It is a fact that internet users usually do not spend more than ten seconds skimming a particular part of a website. Hence, it must be made sure that the banner takes the least possible time to get loaded.

  • Banner file size.

The top of the webpage is where the banner loads more often than not, hence, it must be made sure that they load along with or ahead of other elements and seize the buyer’s attention instantly. The file size must be kept to a minimum.

  • Use legible fonts

Most important part of a banner are the fonts. Using legible fonts is a must to enhance easy reading. Arial and Verdana are the most popular fonts.

  • Usage of concise and significant content
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Providing the correct material is important. Usage of influential words like – “Free,” “incredible,” “unbelievable,” “affordable,” etc, is a proven determinant of catching the imagination of the visitor.

  • Include hyperlinks in the banner

A banner is the first thing that grabs the buyer’s attention when he visits a site. Including links within the banner leading them to other category pages will help increase sales.

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