In Instagram, you can apply filters and share your photographs on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. A unique feature about instagram is, your photos are confined to a square shape which is similar to that of Polaroid and Kodak Instamatic.
If you follow few steps, you can better your photographs on instagram

Choose the right image

Take the original photograph with your mobile phone’s camera, instead of taking them from within Instagram. In this manner you can try out various types of effects. You have the flexibility to zoom in and crop the picture in whichever manner you would want to. Instagram does not offer this flexibility.

Make your photos unique

Follow these simple steps to make your photos look unique:
• Import the photograph into instagram.
• Now you can apply any filter as per your liking and choice.
• On the bottom right, there is a filter options bar which you have to minimize.
• Press the off button and home button together at the same time and take a screen shot.
• For canceling the edits, click the x, go to the home screen for choosing another photograph.
• Now import the screenshot which has already been applied with the filter.
• Add one more filter.
• You can repeat the process till you find the best combination.

Try different angle

When clicking photos which you will import to instagram, try taking photographs at different angles. The same subject can look conspicuously different if you shoot from unusual angles. You may try to take the shot from below or by holding the camera high abouve your head.

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Try to capture small details

Try to shoot minute details and highlight them in your photos. They will look absolutely different in the lot.
If you keep experimenting with the photographs, you will find new ways to make them look even better.

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