coffeeCoffee in its both hot and cold variants is a beverage loved all over the world and my people of all age groups. It’s a beverage very popular, largely consumed and largely grown. Coffee is undoubtedly loved by our taste buds. Some love it the cold way while some like it hot. It’s sold all over the world in different styles and different names. However, it is very interesting to learn that besides a wonderful taste coffee also offers some wonderful health benefits. These benefits have been proved by medical researches and the evidences of its goodness are robust. Brazil is the largest grower of coffee in the world. Here is a list of some wonderful benefits that you would love to learn –


Reduction In Mortality Risks

Coffee in as much as 5 recent studies has been found to largely reduce the risk of mortality amongst men and women of different ethnicities. In accordance with studies people drinking 2-3 cups a day reduced mortality possibilities by 10% while those consuming 4-5 cups decreased the risk by 12%.

Lowers The Risk Of Cancers

The consumption of coffee has been found to lower the risk of various forms of cancers a great deal. These include cancers of the lung, breast, endometrial, pancreatic, stomach, colon etc. The high antioxidant activity of coffee helps to fight cancer.

Lowers Risk Of Heart Diseases And Attacks

The consumption of coffee has found to be immensely protective for out cardiovascular system hence reducing the possibilities of attacks and other heart related diseases. Drinking 3 cups of coffee each day reduces the vulnerability of attacks a great deal.

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Improves Vascular Health

By increasing the nitric oxide production the caffeine in coffee helps improve the health of the blood vessels. This in long term improves vascular muscle tone.

Prevents Rise In Blood Pressure

Caffeine supports healthy arterial pressure hence reducing the risk of high blood pressures. Consumption of coffee may lead to acute blood pressure for short time but the blood pressure comes to normal when the caffeine gets metabolised.

Decreased Metabolic Syndrome Risks

Metabolic syndrome is a culmination of obesity, large waist circumference and resistance to insulin leading to heart diseases. Studies have revealed that the consumption of coffee lowers all these risks a great deal due to its antioxidant property.

Increases Power And Strength Performance

The power and strength performance for sports or other activities can be largely boosted up by the right consumption of caffeine present in coffee.

Boost To Motivation

Taking about 4 mg/kg of body weight of caffeine largely boosts up the motivational levels enabling you to complete your tasks efficiently and with vigour.

Elevates Fat Burning

Coffee in recent times has come up as a vital means of reducing fats. Drinking 500 ml of coffee daily for four weeks enables a man or a woman to lose out on about 3kgs.

Improves Body Composition

It has been found that consumption of coffee increases the metabolism rate in the body leading to burning of more calories. Coffee by taming the blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity helps to keep the body fit and composed.

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