MagnesiumThere are numbers of minerals which are found on our earth, these are very important to us in many ways. As, there are numbers of minerals which are important for human, magnesium is one of them. It plays an important role in human body processes and functions. Magnesium process and functions includes energy, DNA production and protein formation. It is very helpful in maintaining the amounts of potassium, calcium, insulin, adrenaline and phosphorus. Magnesium is also a best anti stress mineral. There are numbers of health benefits of magnesium, some of them are listed below.


Health benefits of magnesium:

Regulate metabolism:

It helps lowering the blood pressure of human body by dilating individual’s arteries. The diet that is rich in magnesium also helps in making the body younger.

Reduce risks of heart attack & cardiovascular diseases:

Magnesium is helpful in regulating the blood pressure in a proper way and reduces the risks of diabetes; it is also helpful in lowering the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Reduce risks of osteoporosis:

Magnesium plays an important role in hormones and calcium metabolism which regulates the calcium & helps in providing the protection against osteoporosis. According to numbers of studies, it has been observed that magnesium intakes increase in bone health.

Asthma treatment:

Magnesium is considered as best for the asthma treatment. It helps in the treatment of asthma and bronchial tubes. To get rid of asthma, you will need to consume 400 milligrams each day.

Alleviation of PMS (Premenstrual syndrome):

According to studies, it has been observed that consuming good amounts of magnesium helps alleviating insomnia, bloating weight gain, breast tenderness, leg swelling and many other symptoms which are associated with Premenstrual syndrome.

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Prevent diabetes:

It is best for those people who are suffering from diabetes. To get rid of diabetes, an individual should take 200 to 300 milligrams magnesium in a day.


Magnesium is considered as best for the treatment of migraine. It helps in reducing the pain of migraine. According to studies it has been observed, that deficiency in different magnesium types can cause the migraines.

Fight with free radicals:

Magnesium is considered as best for limiting high damage of the free radicals. It fights with the aging signs and provide a younger look and body.

Helpful in Muscle function:

According to scientists or doctors, it has been observed that magnesium is helpful in maintaining the proper functionality of muscles. Magnesium relaxes the muscles and relieves the stiff muscles therefore it is also an effective cure for the Fibromyalgia.

Kidney aids and best sleep:

Combination of Vitamin B6 and magnesium is really an effective treatment for the dissolving kidney stones. By taking good amount of magnesium, one can have also the benefit of good sleep in nights.


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